Youtube Might Remove The Dislike Button


Adrian Ojeda, Staff Writer

On February 10th, Youtube’s director of project management Tom Leung, recently announced their new ideas to fight dislike mobs. Dislike mobs are mobs of people who dislike a video that they don’t like for whatever reason. An example of this was the number 1 most disliked video, Youtube Rewind 2018. Tom Leung so far has proposed 3 ideas: One, to completely remove the dislike button, two, to replace the dislike button with a button that allows you to give the creator some advice, and three, to allow creators to disable ratings on their video.

8th grader Josef Holznagel says “I think that would be really stupid because you wouldn’t be able to voice your own opinion and ratings on youtube are very important to a person’s video.”

If this does take place, Youtube will remove the dislike button and only have the like button. Similar to how on Instagram you only have the ability to heart people’s posts and you can’t dislike them. Or if they go with their other ideas, they will allow creators to request for no ratings at all if their video is controversial in any way, or replace the dislike button with a button that allows you to leave a message for them.

If Youtube did decide to do any of these ideas, it could possibly benefit Youtuber’s careers because if users only saw the likes and not dislikes then more people would want to watch that video. And if Youtube went ahead with the button that replaces the dislike button, creators can get really good feedback and criticism that they can use without getting hated or have a mob of people disliking their video.

Youtube wants to do this because they believe if a Youtube video gets attacked by a dislike mob, it will unbalance the ratio of likes and dislikes unfairly. Dislike mobs can really hurt youtube creators reputation and can change views of the creator’s fans.

Youtube had one other idea and it is to still have the like and dislike button but no one will be able to see the number of likes or dislikes. This idea wouldn’t really help because its already on Youtube, but if it was on default it would possibly help stop dislike mobs.

Finally, Youtube wants to stop dislike mobs by either removing the dislike button, replacing the dislike button or giving creators the ability to disable ratings. Doing any one of these could help stop dislike mobs, but also attract more negative attention to Youtube because of people still wanting to hate on peoples videos. Either way, it could help Youtube stop dislike mobs from destroying a person’s career.