6th Grade STEAM Students Create Restaurants From Around The World


6th grade STEAM students at The Flavors of the World launch event of the PBL!

Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

Everywhere on the planet, people eat food. It is involved in almost everything we do. When it comes to food, I start to wonder about the different cuisines from all around the world and what it would take to create a restaurant that would be successful to the public.

Well, here at Dana Middle School, the 6th grade STEAM students can research and make an actual restaurant using digital tools. Students use the Design Thinking Process (a process that uses Empathizing, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping, and Testing to plan out your work), to help them  research what it takes to create a restaurant that would revitalize the downtown area of San Pedro. STEAM students use Sketchup (an app that allows you to digitalize a 3D model of what you need to build), Google Drawings (an app that allows you to draw digitally) and they do extensive research about their selected cuisine.

But, there is more to the project than just using apps and researching. The 6th graders must also make a slideshow that promotes the restaurant and their ideas. The slideshow must have their restaurants colors, logos, building plans, sketchup layout, design, energy efficiency, a main dish, menu, featured drinks, dessert, promoting , and a concluding slide to wrap their slideshow. All of this should be about 5-6 min long, and the best teams will move on to the top 5-6 presentations.

The 6th graders kicked off their project with a food tasting, and getting information by going to the different 6th grade STEAM classrooms and tasting different foods from their different cuisines.

In 6th grade STEAM teacher Ms. Benavidez’s room, she cooked up a storm with the different foods. Her theme was Latin cuisine so she included different foods like Chicharrones (fried pork), Nopales (cactus salad), Pan Dulce (sweet bread), and different spices like paprika, oregano, and cilantro.

In Mr. Boysen’s classroom he had things like freshly made baguettes (a soft French bread) and other items representing places in Europe like Italy such as pesto pasta and brushetta. 


In Mr Rahmanou’s science class, his theme was the Middle East so he had foods like feta cheese, dates, and spices from the Middle East.

In Ms. Ito’s classroom her theme was Asian cuisine so she had things like gyoza (Japanese dumplings), dried seaweed, Pocky (an Asian breadstick covered in different flavored coating chocolate) and decorations that support her theme like statues that came from her family.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Mr. Seiple. Mr Seiple’s class was themed Northern European which includes Norway and Iceland. So he had items like smoked salmon, bone marrow (the inside of a bone), and chocolate.

Mr Seiple’s Bone Marrow

What would it feel like to teach such a huge project? Well, 6th grade STEAM science teacher Mr. Rahmanou says that, “It is a privilege…but at the same time it takes a lot, a lot of work, I would say it takes triple the amount of teaching.”  being a 7th grader and being in this project I remember what did it feel like being apart of this project. Well, 7th grader Mireya Berrios says that, “Being apart of the restaurant project was very…it takes your breath away…I’ll say that, you have lots of things to do and lots of pressure.”

In the end, the 6th grade STEAM Restaurant Project is a huge one to be in. This project is going to be another showstopper this year, and with the teachers and students help, we are going have another great finale that you won’t want to miss.