Do We Have to Fear McDonalds Fries?

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

McDonalds French fries, we have all had them (and have gotten addicted to them), but have you ever wondered what is in them? Well, what makes the fries so addicting is the amount of salt that is put into them. A medium order of fries has 117 grams of salt. The recommended amount per day on salt is 5 grams. This shows how addicting they can be. Also, McDonald’s also has other potato products like their hash browns that are made from the same kind of potatoes that the fries are made of. But the potatoes also have some things that are a bit unsettling to the customers that frequently eat them.

So McDonald’s only accepts potatoes that are perfect. You know if you have a potato it sometimes has a black line down the middle? That black line is caused by bugs called aphids. McDonalds doesn’t like the black line because they say that it’s not “perfect” and the only way to achieve “perfect potatoes” is to spray them with a pesticide so toxic, that the farmers that grow them cannot go near them for 5 days after they spray them. And after they harvest them, they have to put them in an atmosphere controlled shed the size of a football stadium. Why do they do this you ask? They do this because they are still so toxic that they are not edible for six weeks. They have to off-gas which is a process where the potato releases all of the chemicals that were inside the potato and they are released into the shed with the potatoes still inside the shed.

Juliana Terzoli says, “I believe that they did this to their fries because it would make them look more appealing, but it is still not ok for them to do that to them.” This was especially unsettling because McDonald’s knows what they are feeding to their customers that was once not allowed to have human life near them. Consumers may find this fact to be unsettling due to the fact that eating food with pesticides can be a health hazard.