Figure Skating: The Most Elegant Sport


this is a figure skater at the olympics



America Juarez, Staff Writer

Figure skating dates back to 3000 B.C, in Scandinavia as a way of transportation, but now it’s one of the most elegant and graceful sports. Figure skating has become such a popular sport and is now played in every Winter Olympics.

Figure skating first started around 3000 B.C, in Scandinavia (a region in Northern Europe). The heel of the skates were first made out of animal bones which includes; reindeer, oxen, horse, cow, elk and more. These shoes helped Scandinavian travel during the cold and icy winters. “In Central and Northern Europe, five thousand years ago people struggled to survive the severe winter conditions and it seems unlikely that ice skating developed as a hobby,” says Dr. Formenti. As time went on, an American guy named Jackson Haines converted the sport of what is today.

Jackson Haines was best known for his swift moves on ice and on stage. He was a figure skater and a ballet dancer. In the 1800s he introduced the element of dance, jumps and spins into the sport. The idea of dramatically jumping and dancing on ice didn’t really excite people. In 1864 he left to Europe, hoping to get the reorganization he wanted. He traveled to London, Paris, Stockholm, and Vienna and was able to find success. He made a major impact in Europe. Haines also takes the credit for inventing the blade at the bottom of the skates (ice skating shoes). A few years later, he added the toe pick which resulted in being able to achieve new jumps and spins. Thanks to Jackson Haines, now known as the Father of Figure Skating, helped shape Figure Skating.

This is Yuzuru Hanyu

Figure skating was first introduced to the Olympics in 1924. Since then, many people including myself looking forward to machine this event. Some skater that attended the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games include; Yuzuru Hanyu, Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, and Evgenia Medvedeva. Skaters have to do a short program and a free skating event, then the International Judging System accumulates the points and check who has the most points. Many figure skaters all around the world  go to the Olympics to compete for the gold medal.

This is Kaetlyn Osmond

Figure Skating has changed the sporting world, becoming one of the most elegant sports we know today. Flips, spins, jumps, dances, is what makes this sport a worldwide phenomenon.