Too Many Rappers’ Careers Ended This Past Year

Too Many Rappers' Careers Ended This Past Year

Tanner Wymore, Staff Writer

Rap is an ever evolving music genre that has gone through many changes through the past year, and notably big names have disappeared.

First off, we have the death of rapper XXXTentacion. Last June, the musician was shot at a car dealership. The death was controversial, and left a part of us wondering what could have come from the rapper, and in the coming year this question would be a repeating thought, as multiple rappers careers, and some lives had come to a halt.

Noticeable to many, early September of 2018 was the next time we lost a musician. In early September, rapper Mac Miller had overdosed on drugs, and another much loved artist was lost. Mac Miller had been rapping since 2007, and his career had a big following for many years, leaving another gap for the audience that had enjoyed Mac’s music.

Shortly after Mac’s loss, extremely controversial rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine was charged with racketeering, and several other charges, and arrested in November. The rapper is facing at least 40 years in prison, and is unable to make music, for obvious reasons. Love him or hate him, 6ix9ine was a controversial rapper and many listened to his music.

6ix9ine was associated with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods (A division of the street gang the Bloods), which was reflected in much of his music, popularly in his song, “Gummo”.

Aside from the charges, 6ix9ine was unlike anything we’ve seen in music before, not only in his style of rapping, but also on how he projected himself and how he dressed. The man was controversial, yes, but given the impact he had, his absence leaves a big hole in the rap community.

Also to note, 6ix9ine’s sentence, may be a warning for up and coming gang associated rappers, such as young Crip associated rapper, Blueface, who seems to be going down a similar path, and was recently arrested facing up to 3 years for illegal weapon possession.

More recently Lil Uzi Vert, rapper popular for his song “XO Tour Life”, quit his music career, after having issues with his music label, Atlantic Records. When you are signed to a music label, they are in control when you can do things and when you can’t. Lil Uzi had been having trouble releasing his project Eternal Atake along with finishing it. There is rumors about Lil Uzi releasing the album, but he has stated that he had deleted the project.

Issues like these shouldn’t occur so often, with many talented artists careers, and lives, being destroyed. The genre is saturated with so many artists and deaths like this should be prevented. In Mac’s case, overdosing is a drug problem that the world has, and as these artists have a growing younger audience, this is a warning to anyone who is struggling with addiction or is thinking about starting. XXXTentacion was attacked in an act of violence that was a perfect representation of the violence we can see in people, which has gotten rappers careers destroyed, like 6ix9ine’s.

Not everyone’s dreams come true, but when they do, most say their life changed quickly, some people achieve success and lose it just as quickly as they received it, and people will go many lengths to keep their financial profits ruining their career. There is little we can do after a musicians career is over, except appreciate the music we received in their prime.