Childhood Favorite, Chuck E. Cheese, Recycles Pizza?

Amelia Harrison, Senior Staff Writer

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Chuck E Cheese, a place where childhood can be expressed in a thrilling way, can they be recycling your pizza?

There have been several accusations going around saying that Chuck E. Cheese is recycling their pizza. If you go there now, or used to, this may make you gag, but people are noticing that it’s not every Chuck E. Cheese, so don’t worry.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, Shane Dawson, a YouTuber posted a video about conspiracies, one of them addressing this issue. The rumor is that they take old slices that aren’t eaten and put them together, melting cheese on the top, as if it was a puzzle.

First we should explain the definition of what it means to “recycle pizza.” The conspiracy about recycling pizza means that when customers eat their pizza’s and don’t finish or bite into them, they take it and combine them together instead of just throwing it away like a normal place that serves pizza.

As you can tell, the pizza slices just don’t match. Even if you tried to put it together it just doesn’t work.  This may be concerning especially if you go there because it is illegal to do this.

I asked teacher and parent, Mrs. Bologna to get a different perspective on this issue. She told me that she had noticed that the pizza did look odd, but thought “the order was rushed”. This makes sense but even if you are rushed why would your pizza come out almost completely uneven?

A Chuck E. Cheese spokesperson responds to rumors by telling The Verge in a statement,“ The claims made in this video about Chuck E. Cheese’s and our pizza are unequivocally false, no conspiracies here—our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.”