Oscar Nominations for the Best Animated Feature


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Every year since 2001, there has been an Animated movie category at the Oscars. This year Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse won for this award, but the other nominations for the Best Animated Feature are worth watching.

Ralph Breaks the Internet was released on November 21, 2018, and made 514.5 Million Dollars. The movie is about a Ralph, who is a villain from the Fix-It Felix Jr. game, and Vanellope Von Schweetz, who is a princess and a racer from the Sugar Rush Speedway, who are living their life, until Vanellope is starting to get bored of winning each time in her game since she is a glitch. Ralph decides to go into her game and make a new part of the track. But when the person playing the game becomes out of control due to Vanellope in the game, the person playing the game accidentally breaks the driving controller on the game. The same day a new thing called the internet gets plugged in, which Ralph and Vanellope use to find the controller. But they soon found out it’s not that easy, and that they need to find money to buy the game, so they travel the internet looking for something that will help them. The directors are Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. The movie was announced in 2016 and took 2 years to come out in late 2018. A fun fact about the film is that there was a Stan Lee cameo when a person who looks like Stan Lee talked to Iron Man. Also, there were many pop culture references like a Fortnite scene and stuff owned by Disney like Marvel and Star Wars.


Incredibles 2 was released on June 15, 2018, and made 1.243 billion dollars. The movie takes place right after the first movie, where at the end the evil mole-like man Underminer goes to try to take over the city. The Incredibles with Frozone fight against the Underminer, which results in the Incredibles getting in trouble because of the massive destruction, which leaves the family without much money. A wealthy person named Winston Deavor offers them a deal to send Elastigirl on secret missions to try to regain trust after what happened during the battle with the Underminer. While Mr. Incredible has to stay and be a stay at home father who helps his children grow. Elastigirl is on a mission when people are starting to get mind controlled by screens. Whom is this person mind controlling them, why are they doing this, and is the city safe? These are questions you would need to watch the movie to answer unless you go on Wikipedia. The director is Brad Bird. The movie was announced in 2017 and the first film guaranteed a second movie is in the making. The movie had some issues, and if you went to watch the movie you most likely saw warnings for epilepsy because there was one scene were many lights start to flash during a scene involving Elastigirl and the main villain. Did you know, the movie was originally going to be released on June 21, 2019, but was changed since the movie coming out on June 15, 2018, need more time, so they switched the dates of Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2.

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse: This movie was released on December 14, 2018, and made 358.7 million dollars. The movie is about a normal kid named Miles Morales, who lives a normal life. One day Miles and his uncle Aaron Davis go to an abandoned train station so he can do some of his graffiti on a wall. As Miles is finishing up, he gets bit by a radioactive spider. The next day, he gains spider-like abilities like being able to climb on walls and some unique ability to him like being able to turn invisible and electric blasts. He doesn’t know how to control his powers, so he goes back to the abandoned train station to look for the spider. But he finds himself in a battle between Spiderman and Green Goblin. The battle escalates with more people and more action. Eventually, Spiderman and Miles meet each other, releases they both are spider people. Right after they meet Spiderman fights them again, but Green Goblin grabs him and puts him in a machine which is used to find Kingpin’s dead family in the Multiverse. But Spiderman gets put in there, looking for other spider people. An explosion happens to make everyone involved very injured, especially Spiderman who doesn’t get so lucky. Kingpin walks up to Spiderman and kills him. Miles is alone or is he. The movie is directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman. The movie was announced in 2015. A fun fact about the movie is that it took 140 animators to complete.

Isle of Dogs: This movie was released on March 24, 2018, for limited releases and fully came out on April 13, 2018. The movie made 64.2 million dollars. The movie takes place about 20 years in the future in a city called Megasaki. Life was normal at the city until a disease called canine influenza is spread through most of the dogs in the town. The people of the town decided to send all of the dogs to an island called Trash Island. The main character’s name is Atari, who’s 12 years old. His dog named Spot was banished with all the other dogs. Around half a year later Atari goes back to the island to look for his dog; as he’s flying he crash-lands into the island. Atari meets a pack of dogs which says they will help find Spot. People find out Atari is trying to do something on the island, so they go to attack him and all of his dog friends. Will they find Spot, will they even be alive at the end, and what will happen to the dogs? The director is Wes Anderson. The movie took about 2000-3000 puppets during the movie.

Mirai: This movie was released on November 29, 2018, and had a wacky release schedule because of the time gaps between each release in each country. The movie made 27.9 million dollars. The movie is about a boy named Kun who lived a normal life, he had a dog, two parents, and just a normal life. When he turned around 4 years old his parents had a new child named Mirai who Kun soon becomes jealous of her. Kun starts to get mad and yells at his parents. After one his yelling sessions, he stomps off to the house garden. When he reaches the garden he meets a guy who claims to be called the prince of the house. After he listens to the man complain, he realizes that the family dog had turned into a human. After he realizes that he turns into a dog for some strange reason. The date is girls day and Kuns family wants to celebrate Mirai to wish her good luck in life. Kun gets mad and runs off to the garden when he sees a girl. The girl turns out to be Mirai in the future. Kun starts to find weird stuff, even going to the future and past, but how is he going to fix everything that went wrong. I just wanted to say I didn’t watch this movie. The director is Mamoru Hosoda. This movie is originally from Japan. Also, the movies name means future.

All these movies are amazing titles and are worth a watch even though Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse won. Those are the Best Animated Feature nominations!