LA Times Annual Festival Of Books


Zuri Hay, Staff Writer

Since the LA Times started the Festival of Books, more and more people flock to Los Angeles to check this event out. Last year as many as 130,000 people attended the festival. Just imagine how crazy it is to be in one place with so many people that are from different continents. That is correct, continents and because they want to see a place that has thousands of books.

There are more than books though, there are 100’s of authors, editors, producers, and storytellers in attendance. One person in the 8th grade, Layla Jelenic, has experienced this rush of people and books everywhere. This is what she says, “The rush of all of the people there is insanely crazy and everything there full of culture and delicious food.”     

The reasons that the LA Times made this event was not only have a good time and get you out of your house for an annual event. But, to get some of the population to get into books and not be so caught up in technology. Of course, they don’t want you to throw away your phones because then you can’t read their stories wherever you may be. But, they want everybody to get into books they want people to socialize especially when there are people from different places.

This year the LA Times will have at least 350 authors present at the event. Which is one hundred more than last year’s festival. There are going to be local businesses, producers and schools giving blood drives and showing what they have learning in a way that a child could learn. Many different stories will be read to children and some autobiographies by the people who have lived them. LA Times will also be providing food to eat and some local businesses and some volunteers to help cook.


Every year there are almost too many volunteers that LA Times puts to good work. These people are a very helpful thing that makes all of this possible. There are many stages to setting this up and then to actually making it happen. The volunteers just make this one hundred times easier for the LA Times. There are many ways to sign up as a volunteer, but one of the easiest ways is with technology see a link at the end of the article to sign up.

There are many booths and areas that are made with different food, book, and clothing businesses around the area. So there are always many different cultures all around you at all times.

In the end, the LA Times has been doing something that tens of thousands of people come to see every year. This is an annual festival that has been going for many years and hopefully many more.

Link to volunteer and learn general info about the LA Times Festival Of Books