Pokemon Announces Their New Game: Sword and Shield


Adrian Ojeda, Staff Writer

On March 1st, Nintendo released a video that announced their newest Pokemon game, Sword and Shield. Nintendo hasn’t released a Pokemon game for 4 years, not including spin-offs such as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee. Nintendo hasn’t given a clear release date but has said that it will come out in late 2019. The game is supposed to take place in a made-up city similar to London. For the past couple of Pokemon games, Nintendo has made them take place in places similar to real life places such as Paris, Hawaii, and Japan. This game will come out on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo wants to make another game because they want to add another generation of Pokemon to the series, with every game to make it more interesting and relevant.

This game could show us the potential for future Pokemon games on actual consoles. The game will be similar to previous Pokemon games but with a twist, with most Pokemon games it’s more of a 2nd person view but in this brand new game it’s a 3rd person view, allowing you to see from top to bottom. A lot of fans didn’t mind the 2nd person view but don’t mind the 3rd person view because it allows you to see more in the game.

7th grader Marissa Salvador says “I think that the starter Pokemon are kinda ugly, I think the game will be similar to the older games like more medieval.”

Pokemon Sword And Shield will be the first Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch and on a home console. Almost every Pokemon game has been on a handheld console not including Pokemon for the GameCube. This game can show us the future for home-console Pokemon games. Games on home-console can improve the sales of Pokemon because the majority of Nintendo’s fans have home consoles.

This game will bring brand new Pokemon cards as well. The majority of Pokemon fans love their card game, adding new cards to the card game can really increase their sales to Pokemon cards. Also, this game will bring new accessibles, and customizations to your Switch, and new Pokemon.

To wrap it up, Nintendo has announced its newest Pokemon game on their newest console the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon hasn’t made a game for at least 4 years at this point and releasing this game will most likely bring all their fans back. This game will also give us a look for future Pokemon games on actual consoles and not handheld/portable devices.