How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Review

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

Most of us loved the Dreamworks movie How To Train Your Dragon series, so were all stoked when we found out that they were making the series a trilogy by making the next movie. Being the third movie of an originally great set of movies, the bar is set pretty high. But the question still needs to be asked, is this movie really worth the watch?

So warning! Possible spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon a Hidden World. Proceed with caution.  

This movie continues off of the other two movies in the series and starts in an action scene where the dragon riders are trying to set dragons free, and where Toothless first smells a dragon the same as him. Later in the story, they are informed of the new threat to the dragons by Eret who recognized the arrow Hiccup found in the forest. After that, Hiccup and the team are introduced to Grimmel the Grisly, and soon realize he is a lot smarter than they think that he is so hiccup starts feeling worried about toothless. Then Hiccup remembers something that his dad talked about, a mariners myth of sailing so far they fell off the world, but sailors who turn back tell tales of a great waterfall with the entrance guarded by dragons… A hidden Dragon World where all dragons live. So Hiccup flies back to try to find this hidden world before grimmel attacks again so that all dragons can live in peace.

The movie was developed by DreamWorks animation studios and received 92% fresh tomatoes on, a movie review website . So I saw this movie and it honestly was a great movie, it had plot twists, action, funny moments and to be honest, kind of an emotional moment near the end. I also think that this movie has some tense points in the plot. I think that this movie is definitely worth the watch because it is an emotional ride and at the end, it leaves you feeling with a mix of emotions that will make you remember that movie forever. So far How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World has made $384,492,715 from theaters worldwide, That is a lot of money compared to movies like the Lego Movie 2 which its opening week made only $34.4 million dollars. This movie was very popular due to the other two movies being such a hit.