Is The Recent Kardashian Tea Really Worth National Headlines?

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Is The Recent Kardashian Tea Really Worth National Headlines?

Aytana Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

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If you have social media, you’ve most likely heard about the Kardashian’s family scandal. To sum it up, Khloe Kardashian recently split up with Tristan Thompson, her baby’s father, after he was caught allegedly cheating on her with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s childhood best friend. This led to Kylie kicking Jordyn Woods out of her house. The cheating incident reportedly happened at a house party, with numerous sources saying that both Tristan and Jordyn were “definitely hanging out with each other and being very flirty.” Another witness says that the basketball player was “making out” with Woods.

Kylie Jenner (right) and Jordyn Woods (left) before the scandal tore their friendship apart

As a reaction to this, Kylie Jenner slashed the price of her lip kit named after Jordyn Woods. Not long after the scandal went viral, shoppers noticed that the “raspberry red” Velvet Liquid lipstick and matching lip liner had been marked down from $27 to $13.50, 50% off. It’s hard to believe that this was a coincidence. Woods ended up moving out of the Kardashian household, reportedly heading home to her mother.

This scandal took over social media, with thousands of people tweeting and talking about it. Most of the memes about it went viral and it got to the point where most people were sick of it, leaving them wondering if there was anything else people could start talking about.

Instead of talking about all of that Kardashian drama, the news could’ve taken up talking about global warming, something that we should all worry about. Even though the polar vortex that brought freezing temperatures all throughout the country just recently ended, we should acknowledge the fact that those extreme temperatures were caused by global warming. Many people still don’t believe that there’s such a thing as global warming and instead of Tristian’s affair, the news should’ve been covering the causes of this extreme weather and how our planet’s weather may become even more extreme if we don’t try to solve or prevent something like this from happening again.

Many other newsworthy and important events happened while everybody was busy talking about the Kardashian’s drama such as Jaden Smith bringing clean water to Flint, Michigan.

Jaden Smith is an American rapper who’s foundation [JUST Goods] has just teamed up with The Last Kilometer and Firth Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to develop “The Water Box..” This mobile filtration system removes pollutants like lead, and can provide 8-10 gallons of clean water. The church has given more than 5 million water bottles to the residents of Flint since the city’s water has been tainted with lead since 2014. More than 100,000 of the city’s residents have been exposed to contaminated water and 40% of the population are falling victim to poverty. The Water Box has the potential to help thousands of people, and although this inspirational story didn’t make national headlines, it might’ve had the chance if we weren’t all busy talking about all the tea in the Kardashian household.

Sophia Mather, an 8th grader here at Dana middle school says, “In my opinion, it was talked about way too much… It could’ve been handled privately but it wasn’t and there is always someone who will watch it and then say something about it.”

Some people may argue that this drama was, in fact, newsworthy and that the news was doing its job by reporting it. People want to be entertained, they want to talk about someone else’s gossip. Gossip is like fast food, you know it’s not good for you but you still crave it. It’s easy. Everybody wants to escape their own reality and that’s why reality shows are so popular, because it feels like you’re living someone else’s life. It’s human nature to want to gossip about other other people. We were also raised with the belief that it’s not socially acceptable to gossip about other people but, with celebrities, there is nothing wrong with it. We believe this because they don’t know us and we know them all too well.

In the end, it all depends on what each and every one of us thinks is newsworthy enough to be on the news and take over all of social media.