Is Lonzo Ball Underrated?


Anthony Sereno, Staff Writer

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Is Lonzo Ball the most underrated player in 2018/2019 NBA season? Was it his rookie performance or was its his family’s drama?

Lonzo Ball is a 21 year basketball prodigy out of UCLA. He is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers, the team that drafted him 2nd overall in the 2017-2018 NBA draft. He is in one of the most famous families in the world. He has 2 brothers LiAngelo Ball who is 20 years old and LaMelo Ball who is 17 years old. His parents are Tina and LaVar Ball. LaVar is “the head ball”, according to the Ball family. His father is the main reason for all the fame and fortune though. Lavar Ball has said some things in the past that has been questionable, but is it the reason why Lonzo Ball is one of the most underrated players in the NBA?.

Lonzo Ball’s family is probably the most famous family, besides the Kardashians, in the USA, if not the world.


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Lonzo Ball’s Family

In early 2017, Tina Ball, their mother unfortunately had stroke while Lonzo was still playing at UCLA. It affected him and he got annoyed when a reporter asked him about the stroke, he said,” I got no comment on that man, it’s a family thing.” It’s mostly his father who is the reason for all of this, though. He had said some things like,” He’s (meaning Lonzo) better than Steph Curry to me.” He also said that Luke Walton, head coach for the Lakers, destroyed Lonzo Ball’s confidence. Which means it is Luke Walton’s fault why Lonzo didn’t perform as he should’ve in his rookie season.

Let’s be real, his rookie season was a disaster. Even though he averaged more steals, blocks, and assists then some players, he shot 39% last year. That is not even close to good. He shot 41% from the free throw line. But still, should his performance last year carry over to this year? Is he still overlooked by people just because he didn’t do too great last year?

No matter what he did last year, he is way better this year. But what caused it? Was it his offseason workouts or was it Lebron and other superstars joining the Lakers? Everything went up a higher percent in his stat book, even his free throw shooting which went up by 2%. He has more rebounds, blocks, steals, assists, and points per game this year than last year. That is another thing that Lonzo Ball is overlooked by, his passing ability. When he was at UCLA, he broke a record for most assists in a single season by any college basketball player.

Do you think Lonzo Ball is underrated? If so, why do you think? Is it because of his family drama, or is it because of his rookie performance?