Captain Marvel Review


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

        Captain Marvel was released on March 8th, 2019, and is an origin story for Captain Marvel taking place in the 1990s.

        Before I start with a review, there was a Stan Lee tribute during the introduction screen which was all the Stan Lee cameos in the intro, and if you don’t know what the Marvel Studios introduction is, I recommend looking it up.

        The movie starts on a planet called Hala which is ruled by the Kree which is at war with the Skrulls. We see our main character Vers, a loyal member of the Starforce which protects and fights. Vers has these dreams which are weird, stuff like a guy shooting a gun and a girl in a plane. After one of these dreams, she goes to the supreme intelligence, an artificial piece of intelligence which gets hooked up to your head and goes through your brain and is also the leader of the Kree. The supreme intelligence helps Vers keep her emotions in check, then tells her the next mission she needs to go on. She goes with Yon-Rogg, a mentor of Vers and commander of the crew that’s going on the mission. While on the mission to save a spy which got caught by the Skrulls, she is captured by a group of Skrulls. Skrulls can shapeshift into anything. The leader of the group of Skrulls is named Talos.

        Talos and the group of Skrulls take her to a ship on top the planet Earth, which she is having her memories taken onto a screen where they try to look for what they need. The memories are the same as her dreams. She escapes onto Earth via an escape pod, which got damaged and landed in a Blockbuster in Los Angeles. She asks a police officer where the nearest communication is, which he points to a Radio Shack. She gets interrupted by Nick Fury and Phil Coulson who try to find out who she is, which they don’t believe her since she says she is from a different planet and stuff like that. She runs away chasing a Kree she sees which is going onto a train, which Nick Fury and what looks like Phil Coulson. As Nick and Phil are chasing them Phil turns back into a Skrull and gets killed by Fury, which shows Fury that Vers wasn’t lying. Meanwhile, Vers jumped onto the back of the train, which she crawls on top and goes inside. She looks for someone who looks like they may be a Skrull. She finds an old lady which acts like a Skrull, so she throws her to the ground, which the Skrull shapeshifters to someone else and runs away.

        Before she gets off the train in defeat after the Skrull ran away, the Skrull drops the crystal holding Vers memories. After that, Vers finds a motorcycle which she steals and drives to a place which she thought could help her find what these memories are about. When she gets to the place, which is a bar, she sees Nick Fury waiting for her there. They both ask questions which leads to them going to a government-run facility which has files on someone the Skrulls are looking for and who partly show up in Vers memory, Dr. Wendy Lawson. While looking through her files, Vers finds a photo which makes her remember her past as a U.S. Air Force Pilot. Nick Fury and Vers get ambushed by the police which wants to ask “questions”, so they run away on to a jet. On that jet, they find a cat named Goose.

        Then, they fly to someone from Vers memory named Maria Rambeau, which Vers and Maria catch up when they reach them. But they don’t know that Talos is there. Before everyone attacks Talos, he starts to tell everyone the truth. The truth is the Kree are trying to kill the Skrulls and the Skrulls just want to find a safe home. She also finds out her name is Carol Danvers. After that Vers still doesn’t believe him, so he plays a recording from the day of the crash, the one that was in her memory and her friend new way too much about. The recording is on the day of the crash, he is Dr. Lawson are flying to a secret lab Carol doesn’t know about, but when they are flying a Kree attack them which makes Carol crash next to a lake. The Kree is Yon-Rogg which wants this core connected to the ship which is possible of light speed movement and stuff which the Kree want to destroy the Skrulls and anyone else who gets in their way. Yon-Rogg shoots Dr. Lawson when she is weak which before she dies she gives Carol a gun. Carol shoots the core blowing it up, which Carol absorbs which gives her powers. Yon-Rogg takes her back to the Kree, which brainwashes her into remembering her past and changing her names.

        After that Talos brings everyone to Dr. Lawson’s lab, which is in space. When they enter the lab they find a multiple Skrulls hiding out on the lab, which two are the family of Talos. The also find the Tesseract, which the feed to the cat which is a deadly alien creature. Carol gets rid of her Kree implant which restricts her powers, then fights the invading Kree. Meanwhile, Nick Fury and Carol’s friend are pretending to be captured, but they run off with the Skrulls on the jet they came in. During this escape, Talos dies. Carol gets of the Lab before it blows up and returns to earth to confront Yon-Rogg. But when she is going down to fight, a group of Kree shoots missiles at the earth, which Carol picks up one and through it at the others which blows them up before they hit the ground. Then Yon-Rogg gets thrown into a ship by Carol with a note which says I will be back which is being sent to the Kree.

        Carol leaves earth to fight the Kree, but before she goes she gives Nick Fury a modded pager which would be used only for emergencies. Goose scratches Nick Fury’s eye which means he needs to get a new one, and Nick Fury names the Avengers Initiative after the ship that Carol used to fly.

        The end. But not the end, of course, Marvel movies be like that. The first end credit scene is the pager that Nick Fury used during the end of Infinity War to call Captain Marvel, which is now in the hands of the still alive Avengers. The have it hooked up to a charge when it stops working, they try to fix it but Carol is behind them.


        The next end credit scene is Goose, still alive, gaging the Tesseract onto Nick Fury’s table. That means Goose was one of the most powerful beings in the universe could even beat stronger than 99% of people being able to hold the bare Tesseract without dying!

        Thank you for reading and I hope this review may make you understand or want to watch the movie.