History of Cat Videos



Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

        Cat Videos have been iconic since like forever, but when did they start becoming something that people loved?

        The first ever cat video was made back in 1894 by Thomas Edison called Boxing Cats. That was before the internet so it doesn’t count as a internet cat video, but just a cat video. The next cat video is called The Sick Kitten and was made by George Albert Smith. Cat videos weren’t regularly made back then, but when the internet started in the 1990s, cat videos were popular. People emailed each other people cat videos and showed other people in real life. Cat videos evolved in the 2000s when social media was made, making people send cat videos and posts everywhere.

        As you probably know, cat videos are also on youtube. The first cat video on youtube was made in 2005 and was made by the Co-Owner of youtube. When the 2010s hit, cat videos had their own websites and had evolved to more funny videos than stuff like cats playing a piano.

        Some of the cats that helped this trend grow and down below.

        Grumpy Cat, which is a cat which is never happy.

        Keyboard Cat: which is a cat playing the Keyboard. This is one of the older ones.

        Nyan Cat: A flying poptart with a cat face. People make Nyan Cat videos which last up to 10 Hours.

        Pusheen: A animated cat which just does stuff, loves to eat, and has funny videos which can be about anything. For example, on holidays the creator post that holiday themed videos.

        Garfield: A big orange cat which just says funny things, which could be stuff that combat a joke or just are funny.

       Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty is a pink animated cat which does like Garfield, funny stuff. But she also has tons of merchandise which are stuff like shirts and make up for many companies.

        What makes cat videos so likeable is how so many people love cats, and if you don’t they are funny or intriguing.  

        This is a short overview on cat videos, and if you’re ever feeling down just watch one!