College Spotlight: Cal State University of Long Beach


Sydney Delgado, Staff Writer

CSULB, also known as California State University of Long Beach, is a university located in Long Beach. In 1949, Cal State Long Beach was founded by Earl Warren.

Earl Warren was an American jurist and politician who served 14th Chief Justice of the US (1953-1969). He is also known as the founder of Cal State Long Beach.

Cal State Long Beach is a public university in Long Beach, California. It is the third largest campus of California State Universities and one of the largest universities in the state of California by enrollment, from its student enrollment having 37,776 students for the Fall 2016 semester.

It was first named Los Angeles Orange County State College. A man named Peter Victor Peterson was its first president. It offered 25 courses at the time and had 13 faculty members in its first two apartment buildings at 5381 Anaheim Road in Long Beach.

In June of 1950, Long Beach citizens voted to purchase 322 acres of land for the college campus. It was an overwhelmingly a lot of money, nearly rounding up to a million dollars. After this new purchase, student enrollment skyrocketed.

In 1959, Carl W. McIntosh was the college’s second president. Around the time of him being the new president, the school’s population grew tremendously. Enrollment in the college went from being 10,000 up to 30,000.

After this new improvement for the school, McIntosh decided to improve and expand the school’s curriculum. He also decided to triple the number of faculty members at the school and placing 30 new buildings in the campus.

In 1964, the college decided to have its name changed to California State College at Long Beach but is still called “Long Beach State” for short currently, mostly in athletics.

In 1972, McIntosh decided to establish the largest library structure in the then 19-campus CSU system. The six story building is designed to hold a seating capacity for about 4,000 students.

The CSULB library is one of the biggest buildings on campus.

CSULB is known for striving to prepare the next generation into becoming leaders to become successful and change the world. It is said to be home to some of largely public funded art school west of Mississippi. Some of Csulb’s most known and popular majors include: Marketing, Business, Journalism, Management, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, and Health Professions.

My mother, Patricia Crook, had the intention of majoring in aviation, air transport, and wanted to enroll in Long Beach State thinking they had an aviation program. She says, “I learned first semester that was not the case, but I really liked it there and I decided to keep going until I figured out what I wanted to major in. Plus I also wanted to leave Fresno and did not want to end up going to Fresno State.” Instead of majoring in aviation, my mother ended up majoring in Psychology instead. She graduated with a four year Bachelor degree, but it actually took her six and a half years to get the degree due to a mix up in the system. But with tons training over the past 12-13 years, my mom says she has an M.A. equivalent education.

Cal State Long Beach’s 322 acre campus overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The blue pyramid, also known as The Walter Pyramid, on the campus of csulb is one of three true pyramids to have existed in the US with the others being in Memphis and Las Vegas. The pyramid is a huge landmark standing at 18 stories (192 feet) and can be seen from a lot of points when on campus. 

Csulb have many sport options in women’s varsity teams such as softball, golf, basketball, track, tennis, and water polo. Long Beach state is best known for offering students a mixture of outdoor life and a wide variety of academics. Csulb is known for this because they are said to be home to some of the most successful diversion of students.