Thrift Stores Are On The Rise!


Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

In recent years, vintage clothing has been on the rise in the fashion world. And with this rise has also come the rise of thrift stores as a serious way for people to shop, buy clothing at cheaper prices, and remain fashionable.

This rise of thrift stores has led to the success of many big brands that are focused on the donation of clothing and many other things such as books, films, and DVDs. One example of a successful organization that revolves around donations and thrifted clothing is Goodwill. Goodwill is a non-profit organization that offers many services such as job training and community programs. However, they have become widely known for their donation centers where people can donate their old clothing for others to buy. Another successful thrift store company is Savers. Unlike Goodwill, Savers is a for-profit organization that’s focus is only on thrift stores, and they don’t offer other services. However, Savers has still become a very popular thrift store chain that has locations in many areas of California.

The logo of non-profit organization Goodwill.

However, thrift stores aren’t always ran by large companies. In San Pedro for example, local thrift stores like Ticktocker Thrift Shop and The Beacon House Exchange Thrift Store offer the same services that thrift stores like Savers do, but in a more local environment. Similar to San Pedro, most towns and cities usually have local thrift stores as well as larger stores like Goodwill that offer a large variety of clothing to shoppers.

Although thrift stores do have a wide variety of clothes, one major problem that comes with them is that sometimes they won’t have any clothes that appeal to the people shopping there. However, that’s part of what makes the experience so fun! Shopping at a thrift store is like finding a hidden gem. Sometimes you’ll walk in expecting nothing, and come out with your new favorite shirt. On the other hand though, sometimes you will find nothing. But that’s no reason to give up on thrift shopping because that’s just part of the experience.

“I like thrift stores because when you go thrift shopping there’s a ton of different stuff to buy there.” says 7th grader William Sanchez.

With the rise of thrift stores and vintage clothing, there has also been a rise in thrifted clothing being sold online in recent years. This occurs on sites like eBay and Craigslist, however other applications and websites have shown up just for reselling clothes. Apps such as Depop are often used for people to resell clothing that have been found at thrift stores at higher prices to make a profit. This shows an economic benefit to thrift stores that reaches beyond the seller’s earnings.

The rise of thrift stores in the age of social media has also led to Instagram accounts being created that showcase thrifted outfits, and showcase the many great aspects of thrifted fashion. Fashion that unlike a lot of fashionable things, is affordable and much easier to access for most people.

In conclusion, thrift stores are something that will most likely continue to grow in popularity as time goes on, due to not only their growing importance in the fashion world and their affordability, but also because of the fun feeling that is thrift shopping. When you go thrift shopping, it’s a completely different feeling that one gets from a normal shopping experience. With thrift shopping there’s an element of surprise, and there’s no better feeling than finding a great article of clothing while shopping at your local thrift store, so don’t be afraid to try it.