BJ’s Brewhouse


Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

BJ’s Restaurant is a California known restaurant that is one of my favorites. This restaurant is all over California, but the one that is closest go to is at the Del Amo Mall. The chain was founded in 1978 in Orange County, California by four men, Paul Motenko, Mike Phillips, Bill Cunningham, and Jerry Hennessy.  The four of them started a restaurant that would later be known as one the most known restaurant chains in the U.S.

BJ’s is one of my most loved restaurants, not just because of the food, but because of the ambiance as well. The ambiance of BJ’s is dim lighting, lots of people, and comfortable. There are lots of booths inside and a bar area for extra seating. But even though there is a bar, kids are welcomed in almost every way possible. But this is not the only reason why customers love this restaurant.

Many come to BJ’s for thee service. For example, if you order something and you don’t like it, or if it is just not what you ordered, you can tell them and they will be very nice and bring you what you want. They are also super generous and brings you free refills throughout your time there. But let’s get into the food

The food at BJ’s is amazing. A fan favorite to get at BJ’s is the create your own deep dish pizza. I recommend getting pineapple, pepperoni, and green bell peppers on the deep dish pizza. When you bite into it you get that crispy, caramelized, bottom of the crust, but on the inside of the crust it is pillowy soft. The acidity of the tomato sauce goes great with the crispy pieces of pepperoni, and the green bell peppers add some spice when they are warmed up, that really wraps up the dish.

The personal deep dish pizza from this amazing restaurant.

A great dessert to get at BJ’s is the Oreo Pizookie. A pizookie is a cookie that is baked in a personal pizza container. The Oreo pizookie is a warm double chocolate chip cookie that is a little bit crispy on the outside and tender, pillowy soft on the inside. You get the pizookie with cold, soft, creamy vanilla ice cream, and an Oreo Whipped Cream that tastes like heaven. When you bite into the Pizookie you get the warm cookie first, then you get the cold, creamy ice cream and the whipped cream. It’s a crowd favorite

The delicious oreo pizookie from BJ’s

But, am I the only one who likes BJ’s restaurant? Well, 7th grader Maddison Joseph Cooper says, “I like this restaurant because of the atmosphere and how lowkey it is, and it is very underrated.”

In the end, BJ’s is a great restaurant that I would recommend to anyone who loves pizza and a great dessert. This restaurant has great service, and everyone loves a great service restaurant. So the next time you are out and about at the Del Amo Mall, I would recommend trying out BJ’s restaurant.