The Benefits of Dogs

Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

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Many people are born with disabilities or develop disabilities and need help. Others need emotional support. These people try and try to overcome those disabilities or problems but they struggle and they need help but there are Service Dogs that can help people who need them.

People who have disabilities need lots of help to get through things that they can’t do. There are many places were people train and show dogs what to do to help there companion in the long run. Dogs are pretty smart, they are actually as smart as a two year old child. A dog  can understand over 250 word and gestures that there owner says or does. Dogs and humans show a good relationship with each other and keep each other satisfied. Therefor many people who have disabilities adopt a dog to help them out with their lives, not just that there friendly but you can also go joggen, places, and to the beach with your dog.

Not all dogs have to be service dogs to help their owners. TReven regular dogs can help cheer up their owners. Even Evan Vaughn a 8th grader at Dana Middle School has gone through this before, “My parents got divorced and they came to tell me, I just left the house (after his parents told him) and for some reason my dog just followed me, I fell on the street and my dog came over and started to lick my cuts which was pretty awesome and my dog slept with me that night.” This shows that even dogs that were not trained to cheer up their owners do cheer them up naturally.

Dogs also help people with depressions. By keeping their owners with company and keeping them happy so that they don’t go into depression. From “The Daily Wag” it stats “dogs can identify sadness as an emotion that is different from other feelings.” Dogs also know when their owner is depressed or sad and they need comfort. Sometimes that dog will help the owner by sensing when the owner is upset or stressed, or they will rest its head on your lap. This meansmeans your dog cares about you how you care about him and he will try to help you if your going through some rough times.

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A blind man ran the New York Marathon with two dogs

In March 17, 2019 a blind man ran the New York Marathon, which is a 13.1 mile marathon. It was a record-setting situation with two other dogs and he got first place just with two dogs at his side. Many people were shocked how a blind man ran the marathon and got first place, but this shows how humans can put there trust in there animals like this man did.  

This shows that dogs are pretty smart animals and care for their owners. Dogs can be trained to help people with disabilities or problems and can cheer you up when your sad.