Video Game Review: Anthem

Video Game Review: Anthem

Adrian Ojeda, Staff Writer

On February 22nd, EA dropped its latest game, Anthem. The game is about a futuristic civilization that is in danger from a evil militaristic army that is trying to reawaken a mystical force that can destroy the world itself. You play as a nomad like character that is in a group named The Freelancers, You and other Freelancers have access to suits named Javelins that give you extra abilities to help fight against evil.

The game is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox. Anthem is different from other online games because they use dedicated servers which are servers that are only for progression in the game and nothing else. At the moment, The game is getting mixed reviews because of the games publisher EA, there previous games haven’t sold so well and EA has said some mean to there fans before.

7th grader Nelhauyotl Vargas says, ¨I think that it is a pretty interesting multiplayer game, and it’s pretty cool how it has the features of the game god of war and Devil May Cry 5. I would recommend the game to people because its a mixture of categories such as Technology, military, and fantasy.¨

Anthem also has a system in place that allows you to buy cosmetics and skins for your Javelin. Unlike other games, you can use an in-game currency that is accessible from leveling up and actually playing the game instead of buying the in-game currency with real money. This is way different from other games such as one of the most popular games right now, Fortnite which only allows you to pay for there in-game currency “Vbucks.”

Anthem has a cool game mechanic that a lot of fans like, it’s being allowed to fly around the map. They made the flight mechanic really good and smooth. It’s almost as like you are flying as Iron Man. The flying mechanic makes the games traveling system a whole lot better because the map is so large. It has a cool down, meaning that after you use it for a while it can burn up and you start to fall down.

In conclusion, Anthem is a game with an interesting story line and fun mechanics. Anthem is on almost every platform except for the Nintendo Switch allowing it to be more accessible to people. Despite the criticism it’s getting, it’s still a good game and is a step in the right direction for EA.