Five Feet Apart: A Love Movie About Cystic Fibrosis


Zuri Hay, Staff Writer

On March 15, 2019 Haley Lu Richardson (Stella) and Cole Sprouse (Will) starred in the new movie, Five Feet Apart, a sappy love story that is bringing awareness to the cystic fibrosis disease (CF).


For the people who do not know what CF is. It is a disease that causes thick mucus to build up in your lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. It is one of the most common long-lasting lung diseases in children and young adults. It is a life-threatening disease that stays with you from birth to death. So, when you live with CF you have to do a whole lot of treatments for the pain when breathing and such. The way that you die from CF is after a while, in your teens or 20’s if you are lucky, your lungs fill with so much mucus that you can’t breathe anymore. It would be very sad to have to live with this disease only to die shortly.


Five Feet Apart is related to this horrible disease because the main characters have it. The reasoning behind the name is that since both Stella and Will have CF and people with CF cannot get any closer then 6 feet apart or they also certainly will get each others diseases. This is a real rule in the real world of CF. So this is not a joke for the people in real life. In the movie, they of course fall for each other and want to break that rule. So, Stella goes and risks her life by getting one foot closer, hence the name Five Feet Apart.


This movie brought much needed attention to this disease. The director, Justin Baldoni, had reasoning behind this movie. His late friend that he loved very much, Claire Wineland, was the inspiration for this movie, though it was based on a book. Claire Wineland was a CF patient, that died 7 months ago, from a stroke one week after her lung transplant that would’ve given her at least 5 more years to live. Claire Wineland was a American activist and author, she made a foundation  called Claire’s Place Foundation that helped organize people with terminal and chronic illnesses, as well as their families.

Claire Wineland was one of the biggest inspirations for this movie, but died                                                    before it came out

In the movie, there are two main characters that have to go through many things to be together. They both get into the same hospital for different reasons. Stella’s reason was she started to have a sore throat which for people with CF could lead to not good places. Will’s reason was way different, the hospital had made a new drug trial hoping for a cure. They both meet up after Stella sees him in his room. Though Stella has CF she has control issues, so she feels like she has to control everything. This leads to them meeting and her trying to help him. They then like most movies like this, fall in love, After going through lots of fights and tough spots they still like each other.


Many say this movie is very good and they loved it, though others said they didn’t like it because it made them cry. 8th grader, Ruby Sandoval says, “I love it, but I hate it. It was really sad and I wish it would have gone the way I wanted. It is very recommended from me though you might cry.” The other people in the world give it a 81% though many people have not watched it. In the end, If you want to watch this movie go ahead, but you might let a tear out.