Troy’s Burgers: A San Pedro Original

Troy's Burgers: A San Pedro Original

Mireya Berrios, Staff Writer

San Pedro has plenty of different burger joints, but San Pedro favorite, Troys Burgers is the one and only OG.

Living in San Pedro, Troy’s Burgers, is a local standby. It has so many options and when my family and I need something to eat quickly, it’s our first stop. Troy’s has had several different owners, but officially it opened in 1977. Troy’s Burgers is a food chain, meaning that there are many restaurants of the same company. But the one in San Pedro is the best. It’s popular to many locals and the restaurant is a hotspot for teens, adults, and kids. It’s also a family friendly restaurant and great for get togethers.

The sign in front of the restaurant

My favorite meal to get there is the Cheeseburger with fries and their amazing homemade ranch dressing. Their burgers are so soft and has that just-right toasted bread that’s not too crispy and not too soft. I personally don’t like tomatoes and onions, but the good thing is that they let you decide whether you want them on there or not. Troy’s offers drinks like Root Beer, Coke, and other sodas, but for non-soda drinkers, they have lemonade, and water. It’s the typical American-style food which offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

A burger from the menu with their signature fries

Local resident, 7th grader Savannah Johansen says, “I love Troy’s burgers because it is such a family friendly environment and they treat you like you are home, but my favorite thing to get here is the BLT with avocado cause it’s bomb.”Also Mr. Nava, Dana’s music teacher and band director says, “I like Troy’s burgers because their your typical mom and pop burger joint and I also like eating a Troy’s burgers because they support the community’s groups and schools,but my favorite thing there is their bacon cheese burger combo.”

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who lives in Pedro that hasn’t been yet. Troy’s has a great range of food from salads to burgers. To anyone who needs a great burger in their life,  head your way to Troy’s Burgers for an amazing bite of food.