Can YouTuber-Musicians Be Taken Seriously?


Tanner Wymore, Staff Writer

Becoming a musician is a dream job for many people, but it’s a risky and unstable choice of a job opportunity that doesn’t work out for most. YouTube is a big platform that is used for people’s entertainment, but is it possible for professional YouTubers to make serious passionate, artistic music?


Although many have tried and failed to become musicians, many YouTubers have attempted to make successful music. Many, such as The Paul Brothers, before used their channels to boost their fame, but no one ever saw YouTubers as people who could take the music seriously as a passion and art.


Notably, Filthy Frank (also known as George Miller) had a big YouTube channel in 2013 that made viral funny videos. Miller was famously successful for his videos, but no one expected Miller to try something different. Miller uploaded a video in late 2017 explaining why he wanted a new career. Miller decided to pursue his new career under his new alias, Joji. He rebranded himself and was brought in to the world of music.


When looking back at the history of youtube and music, its relationship hasn’t been strong, considering before George the music was a huge fame booster for many people, and would give millions of views to YouTubers. Joji wasn’t like that, he put in the effort, and made serious music he was passionate about. He got a record deal with 88rising, and has released an album in 2018 showing the complete rebranding, from Pink Guy to Joji.

Joji’s former youtube character “Pink Guy”


The Mazzi Maz (Marius Listhrop) was a British vlogger on YouTube who disappeared from the site with no explanation. Soon after a rapper appeared on the site under the alias Scarlxrd, who made screamo rap and a mask to hide is identity. The rapper became popular for his songs “HEART ATTACK” and “6 FEET.” People wanted to know who this anonymous rapper was. With a little digging done it was revealed the artist was former vlogger Mazzi Maz.

The Mazzi Maz after Scarlxrd transition

After the information about his identity was released, Maz started to become more relaxed on wearing the mask, and even started uploading new vlog videos along with his music. But even though his origins were rooted in youtube, people are starting to open up to the idea of a YouTuber that makes music.

Dana student Kaelan McLaren responded, when asked if YouTubers can be taken seriously as musicians, “I think so because look at Scarlxrd as an example, because if they are being serious with what they are doing they can have a good shot at it, and if they focus on that element. Like Joji who was Filthy Frank has a pretty big following for a music fan base and left his YouTube channel completely to focus on it, so I think if you work hard enough towards it, it can definitely be possible.”


Now we come to YouTuber Quadeca, who had made beef diss tracks against him and YouTuber KSI. This was shown to be more petty YouTube “drama”, and was not supporting Quadeca to be taken seriously as an artist, but when Quadeca released his new album, Voice Memos,  it showed passion and hard work, that felt like separate art from Quadeca the YouTuber.

Picture of Quadeca

Voice Memos was reviewed well by many critics and was treated with respect as real art, and reinforced the idea of separating a YouTuber and their art.


Although YouTuber artists may not be taken seriously, it’s good to see people pursuing their dreams and creating passionate music, and heading forward hopefully the music created from YouTubers are something we can appreciate as serious creations.