Six Flags Fright Fest: Scarier than ever!

MA.Itzel Ibarra, Staff Writer

Six Flags Fright Fest is a Halloween event that people like to go to as a way to get into the Halloween spirit. The event started on September 17, and will end on October 30.

Six Flags adds different themes for Fright Fest every year as a way to get people to go to the event. Dana Middle School teacher, Mr.Nesbitt, thinks it’s a great idea to try different themes,  “it’s a good idea so that people don’t get bored.”

Fright Fest features mazes to walk through where monsters follow you around and jump out of hidden places to frighten you! They do a really great job at scaring visitors, though the downside is that you do have to pay extra to enter the mazes.

They also have Scare Zones around the amusement park where monsters and ghouls follow you around to scare you with their tools like axes and knifes, scary right?

Red’s Revenge is one of the most popular mazes that the park has along with Willoughby’s Resurrected and Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness. However, they are adding new themes to the park this year.

The new themes this year are Suicide Squad and Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. Something cool that they’re doing for the Suicide Squad theme is that they are adding a new Scare Zone where some of the ‘worst heroes ever’ will be walking around scaring people.

Despite the new Scare Zone, they will also be adding a new maze for the Aftermath 2 theme which will be the largest outdoor maze the park has ever opened! Besides mazes and Scare Zones, the monsters also follow you around in lines for rides and sometimes even go on the rides with you. Fright Fest is a fun event with new exciting experiences.