Five Tips For Easier Running

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Five Tips For Easier Running

Kaitlyn Bolling, Staff Writer

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Run days can cause anxiety for many reasons. From the preparation to the execution of the run, there are many factors that can affect how your run goes. If you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable when you run during Dana Run Days, then try out these 5 tips to make your running life easier.

1. Buy Comfortable Shoes

One of the key components to running comfortably is buying comfortable running shoes. Your feet won’t wear down underneath you when your running on a Tuesday, Friday or a Monday and Thursday on the Dana run schedule. Uncomfortable shoes can leave you with blisters, arch issues, and can even make you fall on your face. So definitely try investing in comfortable shoes so you can avoid all those.

2. Pace Yourself

When you expend too much energy during the Dana Run, you get burned out halfway through. To avoid this, pace yourself, take it easy, and get familiar to your body’s limits and help strengthen them.


3. Don’t Sprint During The Beginning

Many people start out running too fast in the beginning and they’re making a huge mistake. You have to let your body get used to running and speed before you can ever jump onto the big leagues. If you start out too fast, your body can experience overexertion (which is going above and beyond the ideal muscle strain limit), and can cause painful injuries.

4. Slow Your Breathing

Everyone will most likely get this one wrong every day. When you breathe during a Dana run, you breathe too fast. You’re depriving your lungs of oxygen and can’t seem to get rid of your CO2. You can help solve this everyday problem by slowing your breathing and just relaxing. Take a deep breath in an exhale for 4 seconds.

5. Hydrate

Hydrating before a run has its benefits. For example, if you don’t already hydrate, your body gets hot and uses your sweat to disperse heat. This is why you lose fluid, and if you don’t replace it, your heart is placed under a lot of strain and that makes it work harder when pumping your blood around your body. Also, when you run without hydrating, you can overheat your body and burn your glucose. When you run out of your glucose, you start to feel powerless and out of energy.  So when you hydrate, your heart and body aren’t being worked to their breaking point and won’t make you feel tired and out of energy. Make sure to go to the nearest bottle of water or water-fountain available at Dana before you run.