Disneyland’s Project Stardust


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Disneyland has been popular ever since it’s opening in 1955, but with popularity comes people, and lots of them did. People came every day, more and more through the years. But before the opening of one of the biggest extensions ever in Disneyland, Disney had an idea. An idea which would change it all, Project Stardust.

The things Project Stardust will do is free the flow of walkways. Freeing the flow of walkways will be done by getting rid of useless ride queues that take of walkway room. Ways they have making ride queues, not in the walkway area is by opening new queues that are close to the ride and inside the area that is not a walkway in front of the ride. One example of this is in the ride Matterhorn Bobsleds. What this ride did was take its a queue which gets backed up all the way around the mountain and remove it which made more walking space for people. The new queue is all in front of the loading zone.

One minor change to the park is the banning of smoking in both the parks starting on May 1st. The reason for the change is because of Disneyland being marketed towards kids and families and the other reason is that walkways are being used as these smoking areas. A good example of this is one of the main connections from Fantasyland to Frontierland where a big chunk of land and seating space is used for smoking and smoking is also in the walkways. This makes the walkways not as used because of the use of people smoking.

Another change in the park is the stroller policy. Strollers the size of 31 inches wide and 52 inches long or larger are banned in the parks because of the room they take up. Usually, this makes it harder to walk through the walkways. Another change with strollers is the parking areas. Stroller parking areas are now in designated areas which are included in places where the walkways are free if stroller parking.

Another change is the seating change. Disney went through the parks and got rid of the seats in crowded areas for more walking room. Then they moved the seats to more quiet areas or got rid of them entirely.

Probably the biggest change is the addition of a new parking area. The parking area is called the Pixar Pals Parking Structure. The character for each level is 1-Incredibles 2-Coco 3-Cars 4-Monster Inc 5-Finding Nemo 6-Inside Out. This is the second parking structure on site which is not the of site parking which is the Toy Story Parking Area which is about half a mile away from the park and is an all outside parking area. The Pixar Pals Parking Structure is connected to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.

Another addition is the new tram loading area which is and located inside the first floor. The new tram loading area fixed the long lines with the long walking area outside of the loading area which takes about 1-3 minutes depending on the pace and amount of people.

Another addition is the Tropical Hideaway. The Tropical Hideaway is a new eating area located in Adventureland between The Enchanted Tiki Room and The Jungle Cruise. The new eating area adds more seating, something people can do, a great view of the Jungle Cruise, and a talking Parrot which lets out puns every 5 minutes.

Disney’s California Adventure will also get some changes but very little compared to Disneyland.

Project Stardust matter so much for the future of these parks because of the increase in people in the parks and without these changes the park would be as enjoyable going through the groups of people. The future of Disneyland is on this idea called Project Stardust.