Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Ms. Crow

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Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Ms. Crow

Jade Herrera, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Crow is the leadership advisor, as well as the Magnet Coordinator at Dana Middle School. Ms. Crow is married with three kids, two of which attend Dana. For Ms. Crow, Dana is like a second home.

Ms. Crow attended Dana in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. When she started in 7th grade, she was afraid of being a “scrub” because she was in the lowest in grade at the school. Ms. Crow remembers Dana to be the most memorable years of her schooling. She was really involved when she was in school, participating in theatre, the drill team, and being a homeroom representative.

Ms. Crow expresses her love for working at Dana by saying how comfortable, and family-like the school is and how cool it is knowing some of the students’ families and parents. She feels her least favorite thing about Dana is the reputation it gets from the community. She stated, “[Dana is] not perfect but a pretty great place to be.”

Since many people think the reputation of Dana is “ghetto,” Ms. Crow says it drives her nuts,  “students that came from and currently attend Dana end up doing so well in life and currently achieve so highly,” she says. A few notable alumni are Anne Fischer, astronaut, singer-songwriter, Miguel, and ballet dancer, Misty Copeland.  

Ms. Crow believes that Dana’s reputation gets tarnished when small problems at Dana are over-exaggerated via social media. 

“The community sees the bad, so much more than they see the good,” stated Ms. Crow. She wants students to help break this reputation by showing Dana pride and embracing school spirit! 

Ms. Crow worked hard to get to where she is today. And just like any others, she faced difficulties along the way. Her family comes from Sicily, creating new challenges, particularly in regards to language barriers, “I was the kid whose parents didn’t speak English really well.”

At the age of 25, she started out at Dana as a Campus Aid to see what it was like. “That’s why I chose Dana, because I understand what a lot of students [with immigrant families] are going through.”

After college and working at Dana as a Campus Aide, Ms. Crow went on to teach 7th grade English. However, her dream was to teach history. After a year of teaching English, Ms. Crow fulfilled her passion of teaching 7th grade History.

 She’s currently in her 18th year at Dana, working hard as the Leadership Advisor and Magnet Coordinator.

We all have pet peeves, and Mrs. Crow’s biggest pet peeve is when people do something and they do it incorrectly or just don’t give 110% effort. 

All in all,  Ms. Crow wants the students to know that she is “passionate about this school and I do give it all I got to the point where it takes away from my family and personal time.”

Ms. Crow advises students to “get involved and stay involved in all your schooling. In high school and college, get into clubs, make it an experience because you only have it once and try to not have regrets.”