Soar into the Movies with Dumbo

Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

Disney has made many wishes come true. Walt Disney’s movies have told stories about lost princess with magical long golden hair and an alien that becomes best friends with a young Hawaiian girl. But back in 1941, Disney brought us a movie where an elephant flies. Recently, this classic Disney movie has soared back into theaters once again. Dumbo, The Great, a new live action movie starring one of the most beloved characters. This new live action movie has many twists.

The director of the remake is the one and only Tim Burton. Tim Burton has made many movies including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Alice in Wonderland (2010), Edward Scissorhands (1990), and many other movies as well. Dumbo however, was released on Friday, March 29th, 2019 and is now playing in theaters all over the U.S., and Canada.

Dumbo originally, was about an anthropomorphic elephant that has abnormally large ears. One day in the circus, a group of kids start messing around with Dumbo, pulling on his large ears and teasing him. His mother, Jumbo, started to become frantic and furious. She starts throwing things around, and throwing the kids around, making the circus collapse. The people who are in the circus start to see Jumbo as a threat, so they lock her up inside something called the dangerous animal cage, making her isolated and lonely. This makes Dumbo become an actor in the circus. With help from Timothy Mouse and other friends, he is able to make it through the struggles of the circus, bringing his mother back to him, and the most incredible thing, making the elephant fly.

The new movie however, is about two kids, Milly and Joe Farrier. Their mother had died due to an influenza outbreak, and their father Holt lost an arm in battle. The two kids have been through a lot within the past year. But then everything changes when Jumbo gives birth to Dumbo. Dumbo suddenly lights up their world and adventures ensue. So, as you can see, there are major differences between the first film and the remake, the first difference Timothy Mouse. Timothy was the mouse that made it possible for Dumbo to fly in the original movie. But where was Timothy Mouse in the remake? The answer: nowhere to be found. In the remake of this classic, it was the kids, Milly and Joe, who made it possible for Dumbo to fly. Another example would be when Dumbo sees the elephants in the bubbles. In the original movie, Dumbo gets drunk from drinking water that had alcohol infused in the water, making him see moving elephants that were actually bubbles. But in the new movie, Dumbo see’s the elephants when he is in the circus. This was a major part in the original movie that was not added to the new movie. Basically the whole movie was a different feel, and a different take on the original movie.

But do why do the people think that Tim Burton chose to remake Dumbo? Well, 7th grader Nadia Atkins says, “I think Tim Burton remade Dumbo so it can add a new view to a classic movie and to make it for younger generations.”

In the end, Dumbo, was a best selling film back in 1941. But, with it’s new additions, Dumbo will continue to entertain many more people. So, if you happen to end up near a movie theater, soar into the movies to see the remade Disney classic, Dumbo.