13 Year Joins Gaming Group FaZe Clan

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13 Year Joins Gaming Group FaZe Clan

Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

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On March 13 the FaZe clan announced that they recruited the youngest member of FaZe H1GHSKY. This kid is 13 years old and is an official member of the pro Clan FaZe.

FaZe clan is a gaming clan on YouTube by players known as Housecat, ClipZ, and Resistance in 2010. They are many members in this clan who are gamers like Tfue or just youtubers like FaZe Rug. The FaZe clan has a mansion in LA where most of them live but some of them go there on seten days, this mansion is called the FaZe house.

On March 13, FaZe Banks announced that FaZe clan will be getting a new member called “H1GHSKY.” H1GHSKY is a pro Fortnite player even though he’s a 13 year old kid. On March 31st, FaZe Banks “spoiled” H1GHSKY by taking him to Gucci and spending over 1,400 dollars on shoes. FaZe Banks also took H1GHSKY to dinner that day with his girlfriend. To top it up FaZe Banks took H1GHSKY to meet two celebrities of the music world, rapper Lil Yachty and Marshmello, H1GHSKY was so happy that day and all he could give was a massive hug to FaZe Banks.

H1GHSKY was a twitch streamer before the FaZe clan recruited him, and had over 200,000 followers on twitch. Now H1GHSKY still streams but he plays mostly with the FaZe clan. H1GHSKY has made many video on his new friends channels on youtube like FaZe Banks, FaZe Temperr, and of course his Channel FaZe H1GHSKY1.

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H1GHSKY hugging Marshmello

Dylan Matlock, a 7th grader at Dana who plays a lot of video games says, “I think H1GHSKY would be a good member in the FaZe clan because he is so young and he can get a lot of money in the upcoming world cup (in Fortnite).”

H1GhSKY is 13 and is getting paid over 10,000 dollars a hour depending on his stream and that’s just with twitch, who now how much he makes on Youtube and in FaZe. streamers get paye by the app that they are on such as twitch or youtube who pays you to make videos or people put ads in there videos to get money that way. The FaZe clan has given so many things to H1GHSKY and so many GFuel, new mouse, some merch, and two new headsets.

Who knows who it’s going to be for H1GHSKY in the future and how the FaZe clan is going to be acting with him. It mostly depends on him.