The Problem With Logic’s Supermarket Album

The Problem With Logic's Supermarket Album

Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

On March 26, 2019 American rapper Logic released his new album Supermarket, which led to a lot of criticism related to its sound quality and him stealing from other artists, but does it hold up?

Well on many levels, yes. The album is filled with a lot of flaws that definitely ruin the listening experience during most of its runtime due to the new indie rock sound that Logic takes. He also deviates from his typical rapping, which isn’t great either. The album, although unique because it was released as a “soundtrack” to Logic’s book, often comes off as unfinished and incomplete. One of the first, and most prevalent of these flaws is the overall lack of any energy or spirit in Logic’s singing. This is most prevalent on the songs that are more focused on said singing. A good example of this is on the song, I’m Probably Going To Rock Your World, a track where Logic’s attempts at singing just make the song boring.

The book that was released with Supermarket of the same name.

Another problem with Supermarket is Logic ripping off other artists on many songs throughout the album. On many songs, it’s unavoidable and the pure similarity to other artists often distracts the listener from the actual music. For starters, many of the indie songs on this album sound very similar to Radiohead’s various works, especially OK Computer and In Rainbows. This similarity is one example of the lack of originality on the project that keeps it from reaching its full potential. Although this stealing is often very noticable, no artists have spoken out about their music being taken.

Logic also manages to steal from one of the people that he worked with on Supermarket,  Mac DeMarco, on the song Vacation From Myself, which was produced by Mac, but performed by Logic. This combination just ends up sounding like Logic trying to do a bad impression of DeMarco, that really just makes you want to hear him singing instead of Logic.

Logic’s stealing doesn’t just apply to vocals though, and on some songs he steals instrumentals as well. This is most apparent on the song, Lemon Drop, which sounds exactly like a song from the late 90’s era of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is very hard to avoid, even with the distracting and obnoxious chorus that accompanies the song.

An even more noticeable flaw on Supermarket is Logic’s lyricism, more specifically the lyrics that accompany his rapping. This poor lyricism is prevalent on nearly every rap verse that Logic delivers on the album. Examples of these horrible lyrics include, “Pass the w— like a legislator”, “Get litty, get gritty, Rick Sanchez, get schwifty”, and “I’m a weirdo, I’m a freak, wish I could watch you when you sleep, I knew you before you knew me, holy s— I’m a creep”. There are many other horrid lyrics on the album besides just these that make many of the songs that could be good horrible and ruining the already poor experience that is listening to this project.

“I thought the Rick Sanchez lyric was bad, but the reference he made with the rhymes was funny,” says 7th grader William Sanchez.

Another problem with the album, although it is very minor compared to the previous issues. This problem is in the title track, Supermarket being extremely creepy and hard to listen to. The song follows Logic stalking a woman that works at a supermarket, and being an all around creepy person. The fact that the idea of this song being created was even a thought in Logic’s mind is quite disgusting and says a whole lot about the project as a whole.

For the most part, people agree with most criticism that is brought up in the album. Music critic sites, like Pitchfork for example gave the album a negative review. Pitchfork gave the album a 2.9, calling it an “overly ambitious painful slog”. The Rolling Stone gave the album a 1.5 out of 5 stars. Public music sites like RateYourMusic gave the album a 1.19, and labeled it as the worst of 2019 so far.

In conclusion, Logic’s Supermarket is an album with a lot of unavoidable issues that bring down the project a lot, from boring songs, blatant stealing of other people’s music, and horrible lyricism, there sure is a lot about this project that fails to succeed. However, hopefully Logic can grow from the mistakes on this album and refine his new sound to come back with a better project in the future.