Blackpink’s New Comeback for “Kill This Love” Has Kpop Fans Pleased

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Blackpink’s New Comeback for “Kill This Love” Has Kpop Fans Pleased

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Blackpink came back with their 5th title track, “Kill This Love”, on April 5th, 2019 at midnight in Korean Standard Time.

On March 25th, YG Entertainment started to promote the comeback which excited a lot of fans who haven’t had any new material from Blackpink ever since June of 2018. YG Entertainment released a statement saying that the song “Kill This Love” is going to be more powerful than their previous title track “Dx4,” with the choreography said to have more “dynamic” efforts than previous comebacks. That definitely shows with the song’s new choreo, where the members are seen doing more suspenseful dance moves with lots of emotion.

 On March 26th, the first member have their teaser poster revealed was Jennie. The next member to have their teaser poster revealed was Jisoo. After Jisoo was Lisa’s teaser poster, and then member Rose’s teaser poster concluded the posters for the comeback on March 28th. The official group teaser poster was revealed March 29th, alongside the individual member’s teaser videos on the 30th and 31st.

The official music video for “Kill This Love” was released April 5th, 2019 in KST.

On April 2nd, the teaser for the music video was released with the official music video being released April 5th, 12am KST (8am for US). The song was well received, reaching 23M views in 12 hours of its’ initial release. Alongside the mini album’s title track, there are three new songs (Hope Not, Don’t Know What To Do, and Kick It) as well as a remix of their previous successful title track, “DDU DU DDU DU”(Dx4).

Jennie pulls off her scene quite well in the music video, she shows lots of powerful moves and expressive faces.

The concept and meaning of the song “Kill This Love” is very vague. It is speculated that the song is based around killing a love that is good in the beginning but slowly gets worse towards the end. This is mostly shown from the song’s first verse sung by Jennie that reads, After a sweet ‘Hi’ there’s always a bitter ‘Bye’/After a crazy High, there’s a Price you have to pay/There’s no answer to this Test, I’ll always fall for it Yes/ I’m a slave to my own emotions/ Screw all this heartless love.Many fans think that the meaning behind these lyrics is how easily drawn someone can become to their partner and it can sometimes leave one stuck in their own feelings unable to break free.

For Lisa’s scene she explains that the cereal boxes represent “instant love” she also added, “I’m here to steal all the love, it’s mine.”

The second verse is rapped by Lisa, a part of the verse reads, So obvious, that love/ Give me some more, give me some more.” In the behind the scenes for the music video, Lisa explains that the cereal boxes represent “instant love” she also added, “I’m here to steal all the love, it’s mine.” The meaning behind this is said to be how instant love can alter a person’s point of view and can cause an attachment of meaning to things that can end up being false or harmful. It’s how the cereal boxes may seem like there is sweet and tasty cereal inside when in reality, the cereal is old and stale.

Jisoo explains her scene by adding, “My future self, who can’t stand to see my weaker self, shoots an arrow.”

A part of the pre-chorus sung by Jisoo that reads, “Look at me, look at you, who will be in more pain? You smart like who? You are /If you cry tears of blood from both eyes/ So sorry like who? You are.” The lyrics are said to mean that the partner in this situation is going to be more affected by the breakup but also that there is a desire to terminate the relationship completely.

For Rose’s scene, it is revealed that for the scene she asked to be the one to drive a car as if she were driving in a getaway car. She happily adds, “the director filmed it to make it seem like a movie. I was really surprised with how cool it looked.”

Alongside Jisoo, Rose also has a part in the pre-chorus that reads, “What should I do? I can’t stand myself being so weak/ While I force myself to cover my eyes/ I need to bring an end to this love.” These lyrics are said to represent how Rose in this situation starts to neglect herself for being weak and the only solution would be to end the relationship.

This leads to the chorus where the girls are chanting “Let’s kill this love” while making hand gestures to represent military guns and firing when saying “kill this love.” This is a powerful way that the girls show when saying that they want to kill a love that had become toxic.

“Kill This Love” tells a very powerful message through its lyrics about not falling in love too easily. This comeback was one of many powerful and successful comebacks in Kpop for 2019.