Dana 8th Graders Take On The East Coast


Emerson Marquez, Opinions Editor

The annual 8th grade trip to the East Coast is coming up fast. The trip will be going to four major locations: Washington DC, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and New York City. The trip will last five days from Saturday, April 13 to Thursday, April 18.

The trip costs a total of $2470. This price includes optional insurance in case you back out of the trip. Some students opted to try and lessen the amount or completely get rid of the cost by selling chocolates. You’ve probably seen students carrying around boxes of chocolates labeled ‘World’s Finest Chocolate.’ Some of these students have been able to exponentially lower the cost of their trip by doing this. The only student at Dana to pay for the entirety of their trip this year by selling chocolate bars is 8th grader, Sunny Holmes. When I asked him if he thought that he was going to pay for the whole trip when he first started selling chocolate boxes, he told me, “No, I just thought I was going to do like a couple of boxes like three or four and then it just kinda started taking off like I just started rolling with it.” He also commented on how the chocolate boxes not only helped him but other students who couldn’t afford the trip, “I think it gives kids a good opportunity [to go on the trip], especially those who can’t afford their trip. Like help them do it on their own and give them a sense of pride that they earned this themselves.”

8th grader Juliana Terzoli is most excited for,  “Going somewhere with my friends.” She said she’s most nervous for, “getting lost.”

8th grader Tessa Illescas is excited, “To hang out with my friends.” She also said that she is most nervous, “To leave home for that long because I’ve never been that far away.”

When asked what he is most excited for on the trip, Walker Anger said, “To visit some of the museums like Mt. Vernon because I’ve heard how cool it is.” When asked what he is most nervous about he said, “missing Spring Break time.”

I asked Mia Murusic what she is most excited for on the trip, she said, “Being away from my parents.” And when I asked her what she is most nervous for she had the same response as last time, saying, “Being away from my parents.”
When I asked the teacher leading the trip, Mr. Rueter why he thought the trip was beneficial for students, he said,” They grow up so much, they learn so much and they have a good time. And they see another side of the country.” Mr. Rueter has been heading this trip for the past five years and has been attending it for the past ten.

Students going on the trip also got sweaters that are pretty identifiable. They came in two colors: Blue and white. The label on the front saying ‘Dana East Coast Trip 2019.’


I’ve also made a doc of the itinerary of the trip. So if you want to do this trip in the future and your wondering what exactly happens make sure to check it out.