Vandals Graffiti Classrooms at Dana


Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

On the night of Tuesday, March 12th, unknown vandals decided to spray paint the teacher’s classrooms on the 500 level of Dana Middle School. They used black spray paint to vandalize the class of two-three classrooms and a few more of the 6th-grade doors.

The teachers who had their classrooms vandalized were Ms. Traylor, Ms. Benavidez, and Ms. Hermosillo. Curse words, shapes, symbols, and the names of the teachers whose classes were there three years ago.

While the affected classrooms are being washed the teachers still need to teach during that time. This was especially troubling to the teachers because what they use to power wash the walls are mixed with a chemical that takes off the paint from the surface. It smelled strongly of spray paint according to the students present in the classroom. This most likely happened because the power washing liquid spilled into the classrooms carried spray paint residue along with it carrying the smell along with it.

The morning the graffiti happened, Ms.Traylor took all of her students outside because she said that it smelled in her room. When they went outside it might have been fun, but it took away learning time and that affected the class time and classwork. I talked to Mr. Schiappa-Gobee and he said, “a paint job would drastically improve the look even the feel of our campus… But it is just skyrocketing when it comes to the price of paint.”

The school has attempted to repaint some of the power washed areas, but some do not believe the school looks better. Many other students believe they should repaint the school the same color not half of the wall one faded color and other small strips fresh different colored paint. I think that they just use whatever paint they have left and fill in and mix the remaining to get a different color. Also, the paint on the walls at dana has drip marks. also, the paint on the walls is not the same color for the whole wall, half of it is one color and the other half is a different color. Mr. Schiappa-Gobee also said that the 500 level of the school should soon be getting a fresh coat of paint which will help with how the school looks aesthetically.

One more thing that happens when they power wash the rooms is that the doors get rotted, wet, the paint chips off and they get a coat of paint and look newer than all of the other doors around.