The New Twilight Zone: Does It Live Up?

Megan Watson, Staff writer

The Twilight Zone is an American T.V series based on the original 1958  series created by Rod Serling, that premiered on April 1, 2019. Bryan Singer is directing this new show.

Jordan Peele, known for directing Get Out, is both the host of the show and a producer. He says that he will produce something unique, yet loyal to the original series. This show intends to entertain the audience with “clever twists” along with some scary stories.

“At first he was kind of resistant, like ‘Why mess with something that’s perfect? And then we started talking about, ‘OK, if we were to mess with it, what would we do? How do we make it different? What would be today’s version of ‘Twilight Zone’?” said Simon Kinberg, a fellow executive producer on the reboot, which begins streaming April 1 on CBS All Access.

In early conversations about the show, they story boarded concepts and potential episode plots and twists. Those led to larger discussions that influenced producers like Audrey Chon, Win Rosenfeld, Glen Morgan, and eventually CBS.

The directors began planning this comeback in 2012 and started filming it around October 1, 2018. The locations for the show were Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada.

The filming process concluded on March 20, 2019. The Twilight Zone is available through CBS All Access. This means you will have to pay $5.99 per month. 2 episodes aired on April 1 and and the episodes will resume on April 11.

In each episode there is a tale told, directed in horror or suspense. The shows are capsules, meaning each episode stands on its own.

Most people like the new television show and think that it’s scary but not too scary.“I used to watch some episodes of the original show and they are similar. The Twilight Zone is interesting and suspense full and I’ll try to continue watching more episodes.” said Nikki Davis, a student at Dana Middle School.

Some people also have different opinions about the show being different from the original and not the same. “The first two episodes don’t really have the feeling of the original Twilight Zone. I think they are good played and everything but they don’t match the vibe. It’s also upsetting that you have to pay for the main channel it’s on. Besides that, I liked it and I’ll have to keep watching as the new episodes come out.” said another student, Katherine Ethridge, at Dana stating the opposite opinion.