The Suicide Bombings in Sri Lanka

Isaac Sharp, Senior Staff

On Sunday, April 21st a group of nine coordinated suicide bombers attacked multiple hotels and churches in Sri Lanka.

The town where one of the bombings took place is to the south of Batticaloa, one of the sites of the Sunday’s blasts that targeted three churches and four luxury hotels. The government said nine homegrown, well-educated suicide bombers carried out the Easter Sunday attacks, eight of whom had been identified. One was a woman. Police said on Friday they were trying to track down about 70 people they believe have links with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), which claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings.

Authorities have so far focused their investigations on international links to two domestic groups they believe carried out the attacks, NTJ, and Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim. Both organizations were banned by the government on Saturday. A police spokesman on Saturday said three suspected suicide attackers were among the 15 dead in the shootout, which came six days after the killing of 253 people on Easter Sunday. A toll reduced from 359 after the health ministry found a problem with counting body parts.

Four of the dead had detonated explosives as the authorities closed in. A raid by Sri Lankan security forces on a house linked to the Easter suicide bombings erupted in violence, leaving 15 dead and wounding the wife and child of the accused mastermind of the attacks. Another house a few miles away was also raided on Friday. The army said troops there found Islamic State flags, suicide kits, military uniforms and explosives with detonators. The people and government are outraged and are hunting down every person who is affiliated with the group that performed this act.

Another terrible terrorist attack around the world, scaring millions and ruining lives. Will there be more attacks?