The Best Singles of 2019

The Best Singles of 2019

Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

Every year, new music comes out that is considered to be phenomenal, and 2019 is no exception for great songs and singles.

First off is Weyes Blood’s “Movies.” “Movies” is a powerful and somber ballad that comes from the most recent album from pop artist Weyes Blood. The song builds a beautiful instrumental that sounds like an ocean of calming sounds that only adds more to the introspective and lost feeling that comes from the lyrical aspect of the song. The track does an amazing job of creating a very atmospheric experience for the listener.

Next is abstract hip hop artist Quelle Chris’s “Straight Shot.” A very personal and artistic rap cut that does a great job at delivering a message of positivity, despite the struggles that come with the world. This positive outlook is unusual for Chris, and combined with the songs curious instrumental and sampling, it becomes a refreshing addition to the current rap landscape.

Another phenomenal song to come out this year is Vampire Weekend’s double single, “Harmony Hall” and “2021”. Both songs are great pieces of indie pop that include great introspective lyricism and instrumentation from the groups respective members. “Harmony Hall” has great energy, and “2021” is a short but sweet, sadder cut that evokes a lot more emotion from the listener.

The next single to discuss is actually a cover, it comes from southern trap artist Denzel Curry. It is a cover of the classic Rage Against The Machine track “Bulls On Parade”. Denzel brings a lot of new raw and refreshing energy to the song that wasn’t present beforehand. He also adds in a verse from his previous song Sirens into the song. This modern take on an already refreshing track proves that Curry is a very versatile artist that adds a lot to his music.\

Another track to come out this year is Anderson .Paak’s “King James”. The great combinations of R&B and soul on the track present a great sound that wasn’t previously present in .Paak’s music. Although .Paak is stepping away from his hip-hop and R&B fusions, his new combination of sounds is even better and it matches his great voice and personality on a much higher level then before.

Last but not least is K-Pop artist Sunmi’s “Noir”. Sunmi is an artist that has had an article written about her talent before, and it was definitely deserved. The song combines a typical fun pop sound that is combined with a refreshing, darker take on a love song. This combination in turn creates a great track that is very entertaining to listen to.

Many other likeable songs have come out that weren’t covered in this article. For example, 7th grader William Sanchez comments on his favorite song of 2019 by saying, “My favorite song of the year is “Earth” by Lil Dicky because it has Kanye West on it.”

In conclusion, a lot of great songs have come out in 2019, and the year isn’t even over yet. So far many songs have come out this year that have been great, and although many of them weren’t covered in this article that doesn’t take away  from how great they are. So keep these tracks in mind, and continue to listen to the many great singles of 2019.