How Good Is Mike Trout?


Anthony Sereno, Staff Writer

How Good Is Mike Trout?

Mike Trout is a 27 year old baseball phenom. He got drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in 2009 and is still playing for the Angels. He is known to some people as the greatest baseball players of all time. Others say he is isn’t the greatest of all time but he is one of the greatest, so how good is he?

The skill level of Mike Trout is different to everyone. To Angel fans, he is the greatest baseball player to ever live which is an arguably correct statement. But on the other hand, to some dodger fan, he is just as great as Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron, which is also a somewhat true statement. But just to show how the mindset is different, I interviewed Mrs. Benavidez, a 6th grade English teacher (who is a Dodger fan) and then I interviewed Adrian Aldama, a 7th grade Magnet student (who is an Angel fan). Mrs. Benavidez was asked what her perspective was on Mike Trout and she said,” As a Dodger fan, of course I’m not a fan of Mike Trout. But yes, he is a great player.”Adrian Aldama was asked the same question, and he said,” In my perspective, Mike Trout is the best baseball player in the world right now. He can do it all, he can hit, field, and gun someone out from long distance. He definitely deserves the money he will be receiving.”

When Adrian says “He definitely deserves the money he will be receiving” he means because of the contract he just signed. He recently signed a 12 year, $426,500 deal with the Angels. Which means he is getting paid 90,000 dollars each game the Angels play. That is a record for highest paid athlete in the history of sports, not just baseball, in all of sports.

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Mike Trout celebrating in the All-Star Game

Now, no matter what anybody says, he will go down as one of the greats. Just look at his stats. Since he made his MLB debut, he has made the All-Star game every single season. The only time he hasn’t was because he got injured. He has some stats that passed one of the all-time greats Babe Ruth has accomplished. In fact, he recently just set a new Angels franchise record for most consecutive games reaching on base safely. Mike Trout also set a rookie record for best rookie average through 100 at bats. Another record is he set a rookie record for most runs scored. He has 246 career home runs, 667 career RBI (runs batted in), and 1,214 career hits. Which is crazy since only a few players in MLB history has hit for 3,000 hits, which his teammate Albert Pujols has reached, and Mike Trout is nearly already there. He has also racked up a AL Rookie of the Year Award in 2012, the same year he won the MVP. He won two All Star Game MVP back to back (first MLB player to do so), five Silver Slugger Awards, two time American League MVP, and a Gold Glove Award. Oh, and he also hit for the cycle, which means he hit a single, a double, a triple, and a homerun all in the same game.

What is your opinion? Who is the all-time great? Is it Mike Trout or another player? Maybe Mike Trout won’t go down as the best ever (which he should), but he will definitely, without a doubt, be inducted into the Hall of Fame and his name will be remembered forever.