Is Your Food Safe?


This pictures shows unhealthy foods created by the food industry.

America Juarez, Staff Writer

The Food industry in the U.S keeps many things away from the public. Whether it’s misforming or misleading consumers. They do many corrupt things, yet many don’t know. These include making misleading food labels, advertising unhealthy foods to kids, and much more.

This is a type of food label

Most people read the food labels on items but it’s not always correct. Labels like “no sugar added” and “zero trans fats” can misinform consumers, by leading them to think it’s healthy when it isn’t. Around 77 percent of Americans read the food labels and 71 percent are focused on how much sugar they put on it, when they read a nutrition label. Food items could not have any sugar and still be incredibly unhealthy. The most searched things Americans look for when reading a nutrition label is sugar, calories, fat, sodium and Carbohydrates. According to, Nestle says, “These claims (labels) are calorie distractors.” About 53 percent of Americans feel like food labels are sometimes misleading, not only do they not trust food labels 82 percent of Americans have felt tricked by nutrition labels.

Children shouldn’t be exposed to unhealthy foods, but that isn’t stopping the food industry. They spend approximately 1.8 billion dollars a year marketing junk food towards kids. “Food commercials may prompt children to consider their liking and wanting of specific food items, irrespective of the lack of any health benefits…” a report states. This means the commercials influence the way kids think. Children between the ages of 2-5 watch more than 1,000 advertisement per year. Many countries around the world ban and have set restrictions marketing food to young kids, but the U.S hasn’t done anything to limit them.

This shows the different names of additives that the food industry puts in our food.

The food industry also allows companies to put harmful and unhealthy additives in our foods. Food additives are substances that are put into food to preserve flavor or increase its taste. For example, Olestra is a “fat substitute that adds no calories, fat, or cholesterol to products”, but it has been found to decrease the body’s capability to get very important vitamins into our system. This could cause heart and digestive problems. Another substitute is called Azodicarbonamide, Azodicarbonamide is made to make flooring and yoga mats. Subway used this ingredient back in 2014, on their bread. This causes breathing difficulties, asthma, and even allergic reactions to some. Arsenic is said to be used for killing parasites, and improve pigmentation of the meat. This substance can increase the probability of getting lung cancer and heart disease. All of these substances are banned in many different countries including Europe, China, Canada, and Australia because of its damaging effects.

7th Grader Sophia Castellanos voice her opinion “ My opinions on the situation and the food industry in general is very suspicious. First of all hiding things from the public about what they’re consuming is illegal.  If people think they are consuming “healthy” food when in reality they are consuming food that has harsh chemicals in them is unbelievable. Also advertising to little kids? Companies like McDonald’s have a kids meal that has a toy in it. Obviously kids are going to want to go there rather than eat food at home”

Consumers aren’t aware of the bad treatment we get from the food industry. Weather it’s putting misleading labels on our food, adding dangerous additives, or advertising unhealthy foods to kids, it all affects us. So we must inform and educate about this situation.