The AltaSea Experience


Bryana Sirisute-Popejoy, Social-Media-Manager

On April 13th, 2019, AltaSea hosted an open house event and conference at the Port of Los Angeles to discuss about future plans relating to STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Arts, and Math) and to get local students involved in the future education and career opportunities in the blue economy at AltaSea. All students and community members were welcome.

AltaSea’s open house featured plenty of booths where different inventions and items were showcased. For example, Dana Middle School featured their robotics at the event, along with other schools and clubs featuring their inventions. There were also many booths and informational signs that talked about how pollution and junk gets lost in the ocean. Expanding on that, they had items that were found in the ocean that was basically trash or items that were lost at sea. For example,nets tangled together or even a piece of a boat! Located in a huge warehouse, guests who attended were allowed to explore the facility, view booths, and chat with the partners and workers of AltaSea to learn more about the the issues our oceans face.

A booth at the event that showcased their items.

Students who had attended AltaSea were encouraged to wear their school shirts, along with showing their colors. The event also featured a real “pioneer of the sea,” Dr. Robert Ballard. Dr. Ballard is best known for discovering the Titanic wreck and historical site. It was a rare opportunity for future and current generations of STEM leaders. City Councilman Joe Buscaino was also at the event.

Mr. Ballard speaking at the conference.

Guest speaker Alondra Martinez, who is the 2017-2018 National Youth of the Year recipient of the Boys and Girls Club. Martinez was a guest speaker at AltaSea because she would be studying environmental engineering, and because of this, she would be one of the future leaders in the STEM community, and she would be discussing topics at the open house. When asked what her biggest concerns about marine life are, she explained, “I think the animal extinction” and Alondra also stated what problems she would like to help solve when she would become an environmental engineer.

Alondra Martinez discussing about AltaSea.

AltaSea is a non-profit organization that’s based on the blue economy. The organization’s activities are driven by connections across three hubs, which are science, business, and education. CEO of Altasea Time McOsker explains, “Altasea was created so that we could bring the community together, scientists, physicists who are all interested in preserving the ocean for future generations.”. The organization runs around the three different connections, putting all three together to do more than what can be accomplished if the hubs were all independent.

AltaSea’s three hubs.

“What we are doing is bringing this type of education and business and community together. And For San Pedro, it is equally important for us because San Pedro’s on the move and have a world-class marine research center to focus on research right at the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean.” Councilman Buscaino explains. AltaSea is important and vital to the San Pedro community because they bring together leaders, scientists, businesses, and education that can help the town and community overall on the blue economy.