How to Be a Dana Mariner Journalist


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If you’re interested in writing articles, sharing your opinion, and reporting on news in the media, Journalism may be an elective you can consider at Dana Middle School.

Now here’s the inside scoop of what it may be like to be a part of the journalism team. Well, being a part of The Dana Mariner is like working like a professional journalist would. Pitching ideas, selecting your topic, sending it to your category editor and eventually publishing your article at the given deadline.

There are different categories of articles that can be published within The Dana Mariner, from reporting on relevant news topics to writing opinion based articles. For every category, an editor is chosen to be assigned for that particular category. Once your article is sent to your assigned editor depending on your category chosen, it then gets checked by the Editors in Chief and teacher before officially being published.

Connecting with the workplace around you can be a way to bring inner fulfillment with the busy environment surrounding you.

Not only do you get to write articles, but you get to connect with the environment around you. There’s a great variety of hard working people that are very amiable with one another when putting together of The Dana Mariner.

Now with some inside of what it may be like to be a part of the journalism team, one might wonder, “what does it take to be a good journalist” or rather, “what are the qualities of one?” One quality of a good journalist is writing down and researching story ideas for articles.    A quote by a journalism recruiter, Ronald A. Stuart explains, “Write every story as if it is for page one.” This simply means that when there is an idea for a story or topic of a possible article, writing it down as if it’s for the first page can help the writer to better format the writing.

Another good quality of a journalist is to have an optimistic mindset. This trait can be helpful and at most times necessary for a journalist because it can help maintain motivation in stressful situations. If your sense of style doesn’t necessarily provide the most optimistic sense in articles, then that’s okay. Putting articles into a positive standpoint can be necessary at times, as long as you don’t try to constantly bias your article.

Having skills in writing, interviewing, and researching is also a crucial quality of a good journalist. For example, with a journalist’s writing skill, they must be able to express themselves while having good knowledge of grammar and can be written for people to easily understand.

Researching skills are something a journalist must be familiar with. As everyone knows, it’s not possible for a journalist to know everything, so when researching it’s important that the journalist chooses reliable information off of reliable sources.

Interviewing skills are an important quality as a journalist.

As for interviewing skills, if a journalist is writing about a topic where the opinions of others are needed, they need to know what questions to ask and when is a good time to do so. When interviewing someone as a bypasser, it’s important to note to be open with the person when interviewing. It’s also important to be a good listener, as well as be patient with those being interviewed.

Being a fast writer along with accuracy is also a crucial quality many good journalists sometimes have difficulty with. Being a good journalist doesn’t just come down to being good at writing, it also requires to be a fast writer. Many journalists may do good in writing classes and show a good grasp of a topic, but when it comes to deadlines, they struggle.

Handling deadline pressure is one important aspect to have. Some ways to handle the pressure is to start with the biggest tasks and try and tackle those first instead of pushing them to the side to deal with “later.” Being on task and working hard under-pressure can help in the long run of meeting the deadline instead of the deadline meeting you.

Having an eye for topics that are newsworthy can also be handy in some situations. Journalists tend to have an eye for what they think is a newsworthy topic that their readers will buy into. And while editors may seem like they are trying to stress you out into what makes your article better, they are there to help journalists develop good newsworthy pieces, but there will be times where a journalist has to find their own proper standpoint on a story. 

In conclusion, if you are interested in trying to surpass yourself as a writer, these tips can help you and your writing. If you want to consider being a part of The Dana Mariner, taking these tips into consideration will help you along the way to know what some of the qualities of a good journalist as well as knowing what being a part of the journalism team may be like.