The Legacy of Vans Shoes


Mireya Berrios

Vans has been making shoes for over 50 years. Throughout those years, they’ve become pretty popular. Usually these sneakers worn by skaters and by others who just love their distinct California style. The first Vans shoes were made and sold to the public directly from the shop of James Van Doren in Anaheim, California. All shoes were handmade right before being given out.

From 1970 to about 1982, Vans were first making their debut with the Era style, Old Skool, Classic Slip ons, and Sk8-Hi. Vans have now been around for 5 decades and is frequently worn by many people. Today, Vans has grown and has 70 stores in California and sells through dealers both nationally and internationally. In 2001, Vans started the Warped Tour. The Vans Warped Tour is the longest running concert series in America. Many celebrities wear the shoe. Justin Bieber is usually seen wearing Vans. Tyler the Creator has his very own designed Vans called the Yacht Club Vans which sell for $60.

As of now, Vans are still popular today. We have come into an age where skateboarding is a popular sport and so many kids and adults wear vans while skating. It’s not just popular with skaters also people who wear them for fun also love them. 7th grader Savannah Johansen says, “Vans are very unique, they bring out a way to express yourself by all of the different styles they have. I love Vans so much, they are the only shoe brand I own.”

There are several varieties of Vans that look amazing, but one of the critiques of the shoe is that they aren’t the best for running due to the little support on your foot and ankles.  Thomas Contrades, another 7th grader here at Dana says, “Well I wear them a lot, and, well like, they’re pretty comfortable, except when running.”

Generally, there are so many shoe brands that are worn, but Vans has truly overcome this century and generation throughout ages and people.