Explosion at Port of Los Angeles

Sicily James, Staff Writer

A fire resulting from an explosion occurred at the nearby Port of Los Angeles Monday the.. At 7:45 am.The fire sent up huge smoke clouds and caused many damages to local apartments and four apartment windows were blown out. The fire was caused by a huge truck taking a cargo container to a ship to export to another country.

It’s unclear what caused the explosion or what goods the semi truck was transporting at that time of the fire. The explosions occurred with such force that it broke a large manhole cover in half. Much of the damage was to the homes and parking lots surrounded by metal. The explosion was so big that people from 3 miles away heard it. Some people thought it was an earthquake.  Local residents stated “We heard a huge boom our windows rattled.”

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The blast shattered windows at an apartment complex roughly two football fields away residents said.

According to Fox 11,“We do have the bomb squad; we do have the hazmat team behind us,” said Port Police Captain Daniel Cobos, “and we’re going to hopefully be able to determine what caused this explosion.

Two women were injured in the blast, one suffered burns on 30% of her body and the other person was cut by glass from the explosion.

Thirty people had to leave their homes because of the incident. Citizens mostly left due to the air quality and the odor of the fire. Firefighters do not know how much gas was spilled from the tanker yet.After the fire it was about 60% full of fluid, but some of the fluid inside could have been water introduced from outside firefighting efforts.