Creative Gifts for Mother’s Day


Zuri Hay, Staff Writer

May 12, this Sunday, is Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day we should all give great presents to the mother figures in our lives.. This article will tell you different ways to express your thanks to them with gifts and hugs. But, first let’s talk about where Mother’s Day came from.

Mother’s Day was created in 1908 and became an official holiday in the U.S. in 1914. So, it only took 6 years for this holiday to spread around America and soon the rest of the world. It was created by a woman named Anna Jarvis. The reason she made this a holiday was because in 1905, a few years before she made the holiday, her mother died at the age 72. This greatly affected her and she made a day in the year to honor all mother’s because of how much they sacrifice for their children’s health and life. She had gone through many things such as seven of her siblings died in infancy or early childhood. Of course this was older times so many people suffered similar problem but it was still very unfortunate. So, for Mother’s Day we need to sacrifice some of our time in a day to get or make them something like they do everyday. Back the, Mother’s Day was usually meant for biological moms, but today, people use the holiday to also celebrate chosen moms or mother figures. Here are some ideas of gifts to get her for this Mother’s Day.

  1. The first idea is a Mother’s Day coupon book. Though this is made a lot and seems not to special. You can personalize the “coupons” from adding inside jokes or something both of you like as the “coupon.” You can also personalize it wit her favorite colors or just color it, make it, and your mother will probably love it. 
  2. The second idea is a Mother’s Day photo collage with a nice quote or saying at the bottom or end. This is a good thing to get because it can go through the memories that you have with her and good things you guys have accomplished together.
  3. Another idea for this Mother’s Day is a printed poster on cardstock with a quotes and/or pictures on why you love them and thanking them for all they have done. As in the coupon you can have inside jokes or certain things that you guys share.
  4. The next idea is a classic that seems pretty simple, butmost mothers or mother figures really appreciate a simple breakfast because they are always are running around or making food for you. So, most mothers love it because it gives them a break and they get to enjoy breakfast made by their kid. Just don’t burn the house down. And maybe help with washing the dishes after. The goal is for them to relax and enjoy their day.
  5. The last idea is to make something for her. If it is a card, some jewelry, or a candle she will probably love it. Most people like it when you buy them something but when you make something. You time time out of your day, they appreciate it more because it is from you.

In the end, most mothers or mother figures will love pretty much everything you get them because most mothers love you to the point where you think they are crazy. Most of the time they are, but for you.