Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

Have you ever wanted to see a performance where men and women do insane stunts, dance, and tell a story at the same time? Well you can see that if you go to Cirque Du Soleil at the LA waterfront in San Pedro.

The story takes place on an island governed by goddesses. During a storm, a group of men are washed up on shore. The queen’s daughter (Miranda) falls for one of the young men. The kingdom has many women in it but the men are not welcomed. The man that falls for Miranda is constantly trying to be with her but the kingdom does not want it. Especially her lizard cali who is constantly trying to keep them apart and separated.

The story is fun to follow and the things that the performers do is incredible and crazy. For example in Teeterboard act all of the men are on a seesaw like thing that makes them soar up in the air and land back down and launch the other man. Also in the act called ariel straps the Storm Goddess flys over the audience on a rope and other times during the show they use rings and hang from them.

They also use equipment like unicycles in some acts where the unicyclists go from bike to bike and jump over the other performers. Also the balance goddess balances palm leaves and then knocks them all over.

The reason you should go see this show before it leaves is because it is entertaining, energetic, and downright insane. This show leaves San Pedro on the 9th of june. But if you miss it this time you will still probably be able to see it when it comes back around to San Pedro.