Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

Pokemon was created in 1998 and has come a long long way. The first Pokemon movie was in 1998 was called, you guessed it, Pokemon. But since then animation has come so far, for example in the new Detective Pikachu movie it makes all of the adorable pokemon you know and love look shockingly real. This movie starts out introducing us to Tim Goodman who is a 21-year old insurance salesman who has lost all interest in pokemon training due to his father not being around after his mother died. For most of his life, he lived with his grandma living away from his dad. But he got a call that his father and his father’s partner had died in a car crash after investigating a case. After he hears about this he goes to his dad’s apartment in Ryme.

He travels to Ryme City, a city that bans Pokémon fighting and capturing but pushes the bonds of humans and Pokémon alike. Tim also meets a young girl named Lucy Stevens who wants to be a reporter along with her Psyduck and is suspicious of Harry’s death. While reminiscing in his apartment, Tim encounters a Pokemon, it was a Pikachu that can speak and only he can somehow understand. Their conversation was shortly interrupted by the Aipom’s attacking them that were under the influence of a purple gas drug called R that Tim accidentally released within a vile in his dad’s desk.

They go to a café where Pikachu reveals that he is a detective who was Harry’s police partner and that they were investigating a case together when Harry disappeared. The only clue to Pikachu’s identity and Harry’s whereabouts being the hat labeled with Harry’s name.

Tim argues with a police lieutenant that Harry may be alive, but they show him the video of Harry’s crash, explaining that it would have been impossible. Soon, Tim and Pikachu are met by Ms. Norman who takes them to see Ryme City’s benefactor Howard Clifford, who had once tried to cure his ailing condition and instead created the city Ryme. He shows him more revealing footage of Harry surviving the attack, apparently caused by the recently escaped Mewtwo.

The group breaks into the lab facility Harry was investigating and learn that Dr. Ann Laurent, was experimenting on Mewtwo, who had been recaptured after escaping 20 years earlier. They are soon attacked by several Pokemon who chase them out of the building but are fended off by Lucy’s Psyduck. They then escape but Pikachu is gravely injured and dying. Tim manages to speak with a Bulbasaur that takes them to a clearing in the forest where they are greeted by Mewtwo who heals Pikachu. Mewtwo attempts to reveal its intent but is captured. Pikachu then leaves Tim after Mewtwo showed him what actually happened that night.

Pikachu comes across the area where Harry crashed his car and finds out that it was not Mewtwo who attacked the car. He runs to go find and warn Tim.but Tim reaches Howard before Pikachu can et to him to warn him but learns too late that Howard is evil and intends to transfer his consciousnesses into Mewtwo and use R drug so that the Pokémon can merge with their owners. Pikachu returns to battle Howard. He defeats Howard and the Mewtwo reverts everything back to normal.

In the end, this was a great movie with a lot of action and laughs. Fans are sure to enjoy this film.