New Study Reveals The Moon Is Shrinking


Emery Jovel, Features Editor

The moon is like the sun of our beautiful dark night sky. We as human beings depend on the moon for many reasons. For example, we depend on the moon to create tides for those who enjoy the activity of surfing, we depend on the moon to keep the Earth balanced on its axis, and to dictate the length of each day. So, what would happen if the moon just disappeared? Recently, there has been a new study uncovered by NASA scientists that the moon is shrinking and has been shrinking over the years. Many Apollo missions have taken place to help uncover this mysterious, yet frightening new discovery.

I know what you’re thinking, how is it possible for the moon to be shrinking? Well, studies are showing that the moon shrinking isn’t something new that’s occurring. Scientists are claiming that the moon has been shrinking over time. This is because the moon’s interior has cooled over the last several hundred million years. In present day, scientists claim that the moon is 50 meters thinner due to the process.

At first, scientists believed that the faults on the moon have died out and are no longer active, but further research has proven that they were wrong. The moon’s faults are actually active because the moon continues to counteract. This explains why it’s causing wrinkles to the moon’s surface and is creating moonquakes. Moonquakes are the same thing as earthquakes, the only difference is that it’s happening on the moon. Twenty-five percent of moonquakes that occur is most likely because of released energy from the faults. Twenty-eight of these moonquakes were documented 1969-1977.

The picture is showing the effect that moonquakes has on the moon.

Scientists are predicting that the moon’s brittle crust is breaking because it’s not flexible which could be another possible cause for why the surface breaks apart and will cause craters. Scarps have been recently discovered on the moon’s surface and is estimated to be 50 million years old. In addition, the lunar surface has darkened due to weathering and radiation.

Ok, so studies are showing that the moon is shrinking. Does that mean that the moon is going to collapse any time soon? Well no, it’s not going to collapse any time soon. But a preacher believes that because the moon is shrinking, it’s God’s way of ending the world. Because of this claim, there has been a controversy about whether or not if the collapse of the moon is due to a biblical prophecy of the world ending. But even if the moon were to collapse, according to Forbes, we would be alright if this were to ever occur.

If the moon does disappear eventually, there would be a number of things the moon is going to impact us on. One of these things would include that the ocean tides would be a lot smaller than it currently is since there would be no force from the moon. Another thing is that the night sky would be more diverse since the light from the moon overpowers the light from the stars. But the scariest way it would impact us is that the Earth’s axis would slowly tilt, meaning that it would seriously affect the climate across the globe.

Some students here at Dana Middle School who have heard of this news feel very impacted because the moon is shrinking. For example, a 7th grader, America Juarez states, “This is making me very nervous about our future. If we don’t have the moon, many bad things could happen.” This reveals that because of the discovery, many students are starting to worry about our precious moon disappearing.

To conclude, new studies have shown and informed the public that yes, the moon is in fact shrinking. The moon is growing weaker and shrinking as time flies by. If the moon eventually does collapse, it will have a negative impact on us and on our only Earth. Which is why, we must appreciate our moon, our Earth, our families, everything. A person never knows what they have until it’s gone. So, while we still have the moon, let’s take our time to enjoy the glow from it as it lights up our night sky.