Umbrella Academy Review

Megan Watson, Staff writer

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The Umbrella Academy is an american superhero web T.V series made by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater for netflix. It was released on February 15, 2019 and has 86% on rotten tomatoes.

The storyline shows that the Umbrella Academy is about 43 infants who were unexpectedly born. The women even had no signs of being pregnant the day before. Some kids were adopted by a billionaire. The billionaire creates something called the “umbrella academy” and tries to prepare his children to save the world. Throughout their teenage years, a lot of stuff happens and the family fractures.

It is now the present time, when the six surviving members reunite from the news of their “fathers” passing. They work together to solve the mystery of why he died and what happened. But things again pull them apart and a global apocalypse is another threat.

This series is based on a collection of comics and graphic novels, with the same name, created and written by My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way. The tv show was produced by Borderline Entertainment, Dark House, and Universal Cable Productions. Season one was officially announced in July 2017 and started filming in January 2018.

Some of the cast members are Aidan Gallagher, Robert Sheehan, Ellen Page, and more. The genre of the Umbrella Academy is based around drama, science fiction, superhero, and fantasy.

The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix and has 10 episodes with around 45-60 minutes in each. In April 2019, netflix reported that 45 million households have watched season one during its first month of being out.

“I think Umbrella Academy was a good show because I liked how entertaining it was. I liked the acting too.” said Isabella Hernandez, a middle schooler here at Dana.

After finding out that a lot of people liked the show and have watched it, the directors and producers renewed it for a second season. The producers and directors have come out and said that they will begin filming in and around Toronto, Canada, in summer 2019. This leads people to believe season 2 most likely won’t be released until the summer of 2020. That seems like a long time because the producers include special effects so it takes longer to put out.