Robert F. Smith Pays College Tuition at Morehouse


Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

On May 19th, 2019 a billionaire named Robert F. Smith made a culmination speech during the graduation at Morehouse College where he announced that he would be paying off the college cost of the graduating class.


College is one thing many people have to go through in California, but sometimes it can haunt for decades. The average college debt is about $37,172 dollars, but most of the time it can get even worse. Robert F. Smith helped more than 400 students at Morehouse College by paying off their loans. This act of kindness was only a small part with college loan but it did help many people. Thanks to Robert Smith around 400 students don’t need to worry about their college loan.

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Robert F. Smith doing his speech for the college

Many parents need to help kids pay off this college debt or the student would need to get a job to pay the whole thing off. When Robert Smith announces that he would be paying off all of their debt every student or parent must have been so grateful, to Robert Smith and for paying off their pain of college debt. Ms. Traylor a 7th grade science teacher here at dana middle school has a son and says, “I would be relieved and thankful but I would also be upset to the fact that we have to rely on the charity of others to education or country and educate our children and I think that’s terrible I think college should be something that should be free and encouraged not something we’re a billionaire comes by once in a while and helps out.”


Robert Smith will be spending about 20 million to 40 million dollars for college debt. Robert Smith is helping many students in Morehouse college just because of college debt and how much it affects you in your life. Robert Smith says in his speech at Morehouse, “the 8 generations of my family living who have been in this country were going to put a little fuel in your bus… this is my class 2019, and my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans.” Robert Smith said this to about 400 new graduates at the University of Morehouse.