Sports Spotlight: Handball


Alyssa Mack, Business Manager

You might know handball as a fun game that you would play at PE, nutrition, and lunch, hitting a red ball against a wall, but real handball is nothing like that.

Team Handball came out in the early 1900s. It was discovered specifically at about 1906 in Germany by a Danish gym teacher.

Handball is played with 7 people on each team. The equipment you need is two goals, a ball that fit the people’s hands, and a court (if you have one) with the two semicircles around the goals marking the lines for the goalie and the lines to shoot from. Some other things that might be needed would be protection. A lot of players use mouth guards and padding to keep from hurting themselves.

The objective of the game is to score the most points by throwing the ball into the goal. The game is played like basketball. Rules like having to dribble it before you take more than 3 steps applies in this sport. Overall you start in the middle and pass/throw between your teammates to get to the semi-circles on the court. Once there, the player with the ball throws it at the goal, trying to get it past the goalie.

Some other basics of the game are that the game last for an hour, or two 30 minute periods. The typical range of the score numbers is about 20-30. For a more in-depth explanation, you can watch this video.

This sport is an amazing and unique sport that, even though it is in the Olympics, not many people know about. It is crossing 2 sports together to create a thrilling game. This game can actually not be watched live on tv in America but people can watch videos of this intense sport online and on youtube. The next games, as I said, cannot be watched on tv from here but can be looked up to watch the game. Other than the usual games throughout the season the game can be watched during the Summer Olympics.

Lilly Gonzalez, a 7th grader, liked the idea of playing, “It seem like a really cool sport that I would play with a few friends”

Overall this sport is a very unique and cool sport that can be played with a group of people for fun while still being competitive!