Dahlicious Creamery: An Instagrammable Treat

Dahlicious Creamery: An Instagrammable Treat

Eliana Flores, A&E

If you guys have in Instagram account, you have probably seen rolled ice cream around. Rolled ice cream is a trending food item on Instagram and consists of using liquid nitrogen to cool a metal plate to scrape custom ice cream into rolled tubes., With summer coming right up this would be a perfect treat.

Dahlicious Creamery is a really trendy spot that has many ice cream formations such as rolled ice cream which is the most famous, ice cream sandwiches, and so much more. Dahlicious Creamery has many things on their menu such as the Red Head, the most famous  item, the Galaxy, and the Cookie Monster, just to name a few.

The service of this dessert place is pleasant and welcoming. They will make you anything you want, even from the secret menu. The place is also really cozy with the dim lights and the smell of the freshly made ice cream is heavenly. The chalkboard helps customers discover what they want to order.

Chalkboard Menu at Dahlicious Creamery

What get at this delicious place is the Cookie Monster Rolled Ice Cream. This ice cream is blue vanilla ice cream, with crushed up oreo cookies, and chocolate chip cookies mixed in it. It is smooth, rich, creamy, and the little bit of chocolate from the cookies adds a little bit or crunch and a rich taste to the ice cream.

Cookie Monster Rolled Ice Cream

The next ice cream that I would get is the Pardon My French Toast. This rolled up ice cream is a mixture of caramel ice cream with Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top. It is not as Instagramable as Cookie Monster, but it is way better in taste. It is sweet, rich, and creamy. The caramel flavour is not to strong and sweet, but the crunch of that crispy sweet cinnamon and sugar coated cereal really make it a whole new level in flavor

Pardon My French Toast Rolled Ice Cream

These ice creams are so good in my opinion but what do other 7th graders think of this ice cream. Well, 7th grader Sonia Valencia says, “I like their ice cream because their flavours are unique and they taste real good too, and the texture is perfect.”

Well this place is amazing, so when you are in the mood for taking some Instagram pictures and near Dahlicious Creamery go try these amazing ice creams.