Top 5 Tips To Becoming a Reading Counts Millionaire

Four open books in the colored cover on the table made of boards.A stack of books in the colored covers on the table with a red tablecloth. Still life with books.

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Four open books in the colored cover on the table made of boards.A stack of books in the colored covers on the table with a red tablecloth. Still life with books.

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Being a student at Dana, you are probably familiar with the Millionaires Club and Reading Counts. Reading Counts is a test that you take to see if you understood the book of your choice. For this, read a book that you would enjoy. It can be a book from as strange and mysterious as Goosebumps, to as adventurous and mystical as the Percy Jackson series. After you read the book you take a quiz called Reading Counts. Once you log in using your password from your email, search the quiz based on the book you finished reading. Click on the quiz to take it. You will have 10 questions that you are required to answer. At the end of the quiz you will see how you did based on the computers grading.

The least amount of answers you can get wrong is three, after three you will not get any points for that book. If you read more that 1,000,000 words from books of your choice you get accepted into the Millionaires Lunch at the end of the year.  The lunch this year was in 5th period. Last year we had an amazing time eating pizza, playing games, getting trophies, and free prizes from the kind staff at school.

Tip #1: Being a Millionaire for two years now, I have things up my sleeve that could help you readers in the future. The first tip is to read books that you like and that you are comfortable reading. Some kids at Dana look for books to read that is either to high in Lexile that they don’t understand the book that they are reading, or they see how many words and points that the book has and they try to read it. They end up taking the test and they end up failing it because they don’t understand the book. Read a book that you like and that you can understand that will help you read it faster, and help you understand the quiz a little bit more.

Tip #2- Read for 30 minutes to an hour depending on your schedule and your book. If you are pressured to read then you are likely to forget the book that you are reading. If you take it a little slower you will have more time to understand the book that you are reading. And if you are reading to much you can have a hard time so take your time and read your book thoroughly.

Tip #3- When reading your selected book take notes on certain pages. Taking notes a critical part in becoming a millionaire. When you take notes you are making it easier to remember key points in your book, things that are gonna be on the test. You can go back and check your notes to see if you are good enough to take the test. You can even turn it into a fun quiz game with some friends. Make sure you take notes for your next reading counts test.

Tip #4- Make sure your selected book is on the scholastic reading counts. This hack will save you from reading a basically time consuming book. If your book is not on the reading counts list of books then it does not have a test. This tip will save you from banging your head on your table and you could be saving some time to read a different book that is on the reading counts list. Some books that you can read is Moby Dick by Herman Melville, Harry Potter by JK Rowling, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Land of Stories by Chris Colfer, White Fang by Jack London, and so much more.

Tip #5- Read for fun. Reading a book that someone has told you to read is not fun. When you choose a book to read for fun however it makes it way more interesting and easier to read. Force reading also does not make you understand the book you are reading, when reading for fun interests you way more making you want to read the book more and more.

But in another person’s perspective what’s it like being a millionaire. Well, 7th grader Nadia Atkins, a two time millionaire says, “Being a millionaire is rewarding and kind of fun because you can find a bunch of cool books and authors you may not have heard of before, and some of the prizes that you can win at the party are free books, socks, tiaras, medals, and trophies.”  

Follow these simple and easy millionaires tips to get into the millionaires club even faster than normal. Witt these hacks you could make the club in December if you really want to try, believe me I have done these tips and they are life savers. Remember you are only competing against yourself in these battles so if you see someone who is flying through books and who has gotten in before you, just relax and take a breath. Your time will come and you will get in.